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Summer Demand for Replacement Birth Certificates Means New Staff for UK Certificates

Press release May 15, 2008 Business

The seasonal trend for sun seekers requiring replacement birth certificates for passport applications has been met through UK Certificates newly enhanced customer service team.

With the summer travel season looming, certificate replacement company UK Certificates has seen a huge surge in applications for replacement birth certificates during the last few months. Applications for British passports require a copy of the relevant individuals birth certificate be presented to verify identity. However over time many people will have mislaid the document which will then prompt them to seek a replacement. The demand for replacement birth certificates from holiday makers has this year reached new heights, prompting UK Certificates to expand their staff pool and therefore ensuring high levels of customer service are maintained.

"Summer has always been our busiest time thanks to people needing replacement birth certificates for passport applications, but this year the high demand has dictated we employ more staff. By taking on new employees we are able to meet the demands of our customers and maintain the highest level of customer service possible." comments Customer Services Manager, Sarah Lawrence. "The growth of our team will allow us to continue to process certificates quickly and efficiently - this is vital as many people will leave it to the last minute to make a passport application. If we don't get their birth certificate to them on time it could prevent them from having a passport prior to their holiday date."

Whilst the swift online application facility allows clients to help speed up the supply process (applications can be made in a matter of minutes), the prompt provision of not only birth certificates, but death certificates, divorce certificates, and marriage certificates, can largely be attributed to Sarah Lawrence's dedicated customer service team, who are always on hand. UK Certificates offers ‘Live Assistance' online as well as support via the phone throughout the application process. "My team strive to provide the highest level of customer service at all times, to all customers, whether that be on the phone, during live online assistance or via email. Although the demands placed upon them are high, they never falter." remarks Sarah Lawrence who also foresees a promising future for the company "And whilst, on this occasion, the expansion of our team is due to the record seasonal demand, general interest in our range of services continues to grow year on year which will necessitate further recruitment drives."

About UK Certificates: UK Certificates is a secure online personal documentation retrieval service acquiring replacement birth certificates, certified death certificates, copy marriage certificates, adoption certificates and divorce certificates from the appropriate UK Government offices or relevant England or Wales court.

Sarah Lawrence boasts over 17 years experience in the field of customer services and satisfaction. In her role at UK Certificates, she ensures the smooth day to day running of certificate fulfilment and customer enquiries.

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