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Suitable Packaging

Press release May 3, 2012 Lifestyle

Save money by thinking more about packaging

With the strain on company budgets becoming substantially tighter, organisations should be considering sensible forms of packaging. This doesn’t necessarily mean all packaging supplies should be environmentally friendly, using less of the packaging product or the correct size packaging save £££.

Cost Implications                                         

It is difficult to estimate the cost of waste packaging that goes unused. However, companies are most likely to be spending 20 to 30% more than is necessary on packaging. This percentage applies to unnecessary packaging materials used and additional postal costs. This figure does not cover the extra logistic costs spent on transportation, fuel, wages and much more.

The small things add up

When sending a package or parcel, companies need to make the following alterations to their packages in order to save money:

  • Box size – When sending the package, make sure the box is adequately sized for the product it contains (no waste space).
  • Tape – Some companies use 3inch plastic tape to seal the box, the adequate size needed is 2inch. By using 3inch tape, 50% more material than is actually needed is used to seal the package.
  • Type of box – A standard corrugated box is likely to be made up of 30 to 40% recycled materials. Ideally 100% of the material used should be recycled in order to save money and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Auto Lock – Most packaging boxes include an auto-lock bottom so no extra packaging materials are needed to ensure the goods are secure. Some organisations still seal this auto-lock bottom with tape, wasting more money and
  • Air pillows – Air pillows can be very useful when wanting to protect valuable or vulnerable products during transportation. However, companies are using air pockets to fill void space which is a waste of material and has little impact in protecting the goods.

With company budgets becoming tighter, implementing environmentally friendly packaging to the distribution process is in the company’s best interests. The money that can be saved by using environmentally friendly packaging is invaluable and reducing your carbon footprint can only be considered positive. Take the time to see what packaging is best suited to your company.