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Press release April 12, 2010 Health

Almost all smokers would quit if they didn’t fear withdrawal. Now, at last, a technique has been discovered which SHORT-CIRCUITS these withdrawals.

a Central London therapist is currently applying the technique. The following story explains.

A single two-hour session can stop you smoking for ever. No horror stories, no potions, no hypnosis. So says Wade Bailey, a Smoking Negation Therapist based in Central London. He explains: 

“There’s no point in frightening people, because they already know the dangers. If fear was going to stop them, they would be ex-smokers by now. What they need to know is how to quit without aggravation – and that’s what I explain.” 

So why does it take two hours? 

“Every smoker is different. First I need to understand the smoker’s pattern. Using this information, I can turn what is a complex problem into an easily-understood exit from the loop. To do this, I isolate each of the active elements in the smoking loop, and explain the simple way to negate each one.”

But isn’t nicotine a highly addictive drug? Wade Bailey says not: 

“Heroin is a highly addictive drug. On withdrawal from heroin you experience bad joint pains and stomach cramps, and withdrawal can wake you during the night. Nicotine is different. Withdrawal doesn’t wake you during the night, and there’s no physical pain. Nicotine withdrawal is experienced as an amplified niggling feeling. I show people how to short-circuit the amplifier so that the niggles are reduced to almost nothing. 

“There is also psychological withdrawal. For instance, some people feel the urge to light up when the phone rings, or when they’re in a traffic jam. But there’s nothing about a telephone or traffic jam which lowers nicotine levels in the body. It’s just that certain situations trigger a phantom withdrawal. I show people how to drain these triggers of their charge.”

Wade Bailey is a member of the Association of Smoking Negation Therapists, which developed this technique. The Association’s principal, Peter Fillingham, says: “Eighty-five percent of people quit immediately, after a single two-hour session with one of our therapists. These are not group sessions, they are private one-to-one appointments at the therapist’s practice. The fee is £135, and if anyone needs a second session it’s free.” 

Wade Bailey’s stop-smoking information line is 08717 508 015, or go to Alternatively you can make an immediate appointment on 07904 953 505. 

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Wade A. Bailey Dip.SC.,MGSCT.
Member of the Association of Smoking Negation Therapists
Therapy Rooms Barbican Central London EC1 [email protected]

Recorded information: 08717 508 015
Booking Service: 07904 953 505