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Stay fit for less in 2011 with high quality Supplements for just £1

Press release December 13, 2010 Health

As Christmas aproaches, we are on that last minute hurdle to lose a few pounds before the time comes to indulge in all our favourite foods. OneOn are going to help you lose a few pounds for less with their Christmas advent bonanza; each day one of their most popular supplements are going to be available for you to buy for just £1 and with free delivery!

For Immediate Release ......

OneOn have launched their Christmas Supplement advent Bonanza, each day you can get one of your favourite Supplements for just £1 by finding the hidden bauble on their site.  Also with free delivery means that during December you can get 24 health supplements for just £24!

Even though we indulge at Christmas, eating too much plays on our minds as we know by the 1st January it won't be the sales that we will be hitting; it will be the gym to shed those extra pounds.  Losing weight has become quite an expensive hobby and during the current financial climate we are all looking for ways to save money especially when it comes to losing weight.  Sports Nutrition can support your new healthy lifestyle however, have also become an expensive indulgence.

OneOn have realised that the price of sports nutrition is rising and we spoke to Managing Director of OneOn Richard Copping to find out what he was doing to be competitive within the market "At OneOn we pride ourselves on the quality of our Supplements however, still want to be able to remain the cheapest on the internet. Earlier this year we made a price promise to our customers that we would match, even beat any price of a comparable product and offer free delivery on any purchase" he went on to say "This is why we have launched the Supplements Advent Bonanza, nobody on the market is offering such a fantastic deal on supplements; to be able to buy a different supplementevery day throughout December for just £1 is unbelievable and is already proving to be extremely popular.  Well done to our Marketing Department who came up with the idea"

Sports Nutrition Supplements can also make an ideal Christmas Gift; so instead of sending your special someone a Christmas Hamper this year, why not send a Hamper full of their favourite Sports Nutrients.  If you visit OneOn every day throughout December, find the hidden bauble and click on it, each day there will be a different supplement to buy for just £1.  Not only that; there is no delivery to pay!

So don't hesitate or wait for January to start your health kick, visit day to take advantage of this Christmas offer!