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Stained Glass Windows are a Work of Art

Press release October 19, 2011 Culture

For many centuries bespoke designed stained glass windows have brought glass to life with bold colours and artwork that usually tell a story.

4. Production Glass details

When commissioning a company to create your stained glass window, you need to consider your subject matter, the kind of colours that you would like to use and what you expect to achieve on completion. Many people choose to create a design that holds family memories or tells a story that is close to their heart. It is important to have good communication with your designer throughout the process to ensure that the finished piece meets your requirements.

Whether you are looking for a traditional or contemporary style your designer must be fully experienced as bespoke stained glasspieces really are a work of art and it is a skill. Always ask to see their work before hand and speak to previous clients to understand their level of competance.

Stained Glass windows once used in churches as the poor man's bible have really taken on a whole new concept; enabling people to bring vibrant colours, designs and finishes to glass within the home.

With stained glass windows, your only limitation is your imagination!