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Spreading a green world with vegan butter

Press release April 3, 2017 Innovation Award for vegan butter

Naturli’ Foods in Denmark is ready for the international launch of its new plant-based organic spread, which can take the place of butter on the breakfast table. It has just won the World Food Innovation Award 2017 in the organic category.

Naturli’ Foods has developed a completely new vegan butter product

Plant-based is the new black
That is why Naturli’ Foods has developed a completely new vegan butter product, which is ideal on the breakfast table. It is a 100% plant-based organic spread, free from gluten and dairy products. The flavour is rounded and buttery, with a mild hint of almond.

In the citation for the World Food Innovation Award 2017 to Naturli’ Foods, the jury commented: “Finally a dairy-free butter that tastes great and is natural.” It was also emphasised that the Naturli’ spread is useful for both cooking and eating – and will appeal broadly to modern consumers.

Superb flavour
Henrik Lund, Director at Naturli’ Foods, says: “This product is a good example to show that a plant-based diet does not mean sacrificing the fine flavours. Increasing numbers of consumers want to cut down on animal-based products. There is a growing awareness that many people eat far more meat than is recommended for health, and that growing and processing animal products has a greater climate impact.”

Eating for a greener world
Production of plant-based foods causes far lower levels of CO2 emissions than animal-based foods. This is a way in which individual consumers can contribute actively to reducing climate change. Studies show that by eating plants rather than animal products, it is possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from food production by up to 93%.

As Henrik Lund puts it: “We live on nature, and it is our breadbasket. People have been taking more than nature can give, but many are now realising this unpleasant fact. We can see increasing numbers of consumers wanting more plant products on their dining tables, and at Naturli’ Foods we are working hard to make that little difference every day to restore the balance between humans and nature.”

The new product from Naturli’ Foods is based on rapeseed, coconut, shea nuts and almonds – and it is free from gluten and lactose.

Photo: Naturli’ Foods is introducing a completely new product that can be used like butter. The new Organic Vegan Spreadable from Naturli’ Foods is plant-based and contains no animal ingredients.

Further information can be obtained from:

Director Henrik Lund, Naturli’ Foods, tel. + 45 8614 8300, mail: [email protected]


Innovation Award for vegan butter