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Sports: Don't let your illness get the better of you.

Press release March 14, 2012 Lifestyle

Keep safe when playing sports

Participating in sport is a great way to work as part of a team, keep active and live a healthy lifestyle. If you suffer from an illness, you don’t have to let this hold you back from living a healthy life.

As discussed in a previous article, many sports personalities have reached the top of their game despite suffering from asthma etc.  Keeping active can help with some illnesses such as risk of heart attack, diabetes and asthma.

The ID Band Company offer a range of Medical ID’s for people who participate in sports activities such as wrist bands, ideal for people who enjoy outdoor sports such as skiing, cycling, horse riding or walking. The bands are highly reflective, which makes them stand out even in the dark. All of your Medical information can be kept securely and discreetly within the Sports ID Wrist band. The bands are 100% waterproof, so no matter which sport you participate in, you can have peace of mind that your details will remain safe and sound.

If you suffer from diabetes but still enjoy an active lifestyle, why not consider a small personal item belt. These belts are sweeping the USA and we can see why. If you are out cycling and need somewhere to store your insulin or medical ID in case of an emergency, then look no further than these belts. The belts are incredibly small that you would never believe they could hold so much stuff.  They can hold your medication, your mobile phone and keys, all in a discreet pouch. The items are stored so secure that they do not move around or bounce when you are running or cycling.

Our new ICEText service was first trailed out in Tulsa, USA.  The ICEText service enabled paramedics to enhance patient care at the Saint Francis Tulsa Tough, a 3 day cycling event. The event attracted over 5,000 professional racers. The cyclists registered their details with the event organiser and then their bib numbers were used to identify them. This enabled paramedics to offer the best care they can in crucial moments. Patients can usually tell paramedics of any current illnesses or any medication they are on, but in case of a serious incident where the patient can’t speak, the SMS holds all the information regarding the patients’ medical condition, enabling the paramedics to act in accordance.

No matter your illness, if you enjoy sport and keeping active, the ID Band Company has everything you need to ensure you stay safe. Medical ID Jewellery is becoming increasingly popular as the dangers of living without it are more evident. The medical ID speaks for you or your loved one when you are unable to, saving vital minutes when it comes to treating you in an emergency. Medical ID jewellery can offer you and your loved ones a peace of mind when out and about.