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SOS At Your Desk: Deli Offers Personalised Hangover ‘Cures’

Press release December 23, 2009 Food & Wine

WE all know how it feels: dry mouth, throbbing head, infinite sense of regret about those flaming sambucas…and the insatiable appetite for carbs, fat and sugar. And if you’re experiencing these symptoms at work, it’s hell on toast.

As the Christmas party season looms, one deli-café is offering ‘SOS At Your Desk’ – whatever you fancy eating, delivered direct to your workstation.

Hungry Pumpkin, in Nottingham’s fashionable Lace Market, is prepared to rustle up whatever the hungover customer most desires. (Apart from hair of the dog.)

Among the special ‘guilty pleasure’ restoratives on offer during December are:

*Nutella sandwiches

*Chilli scrambled eggs

*Hash brown cobs

*Coke (flat if customer specifies!)

But if nothing here - or on the regular menu of sandwiches, Italian coffee, homemade cake and soup - quite hits the spot, Hungry Pumpkin is inviting customers to design their own dish. They only need to email or call in advance, preferably the day before… but the SOS aid parcels can be rustled up with as little as an hour’s notice, depending on order size.

Pumpkin owner Lee Bown, pictured with co-owner and wife Abi Carrillo, said: “At this time of year, almost all of us have at least one morning in the office where we’re suffering. Whenever you talk about hangover food, everyone has their favourite pick me up, so we want to hear what they are – and have the satisfaction of knowing we’ve made the ‘morning after’ a little easier to bear!

“Speaking as a business owner myself, I also think SOS At Your Desk will be a hit with managers – it’s actually far more productive to get something to eat and resume work than slope off to the canteen for half an hour, disappear to the shops or slump over your keyboard in a low blood sugar haze. 

The minimum order value is £15 and the Hungry Pumpkin will deliver within an approx. one mile radius around the city centre.

*Hungry Pumpkin, 38, High Pavement, Lace Market. Email suggestions@hungrypumpkin or call 0115 9480333.



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