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Some very commonly asked questions for obtaining a China Visa

Press release July 2, 2014 Visa China China Visa Application

FAQ regarding China Visa

A visa is the next document mandatory to possess, after one’s passport for foreign nationals visiting the country of China. If one has his near plansto visit the Chinese mainland, do ensure that your passport is up-to-date. This means ensuring that it hasat least 6-month validity, two blank visa pages, and is in a good condition. Moreover, one must also be ready with answers to the following questions pertaining to his/her China Visa Application. Let us find out these.

How do I get my travel certificate?

A candidate can obtain his/her visa by paying a personal visit at his nearest Consulate-General, or at the Chinese Embassy. If both of the options seem inconvenient or difficult to achieve, then one can also go for handling their visa processing via a visa agency.

What are tourist and private visas? Which type of visa do I need?

The issuance of this travel document permits a candidate’s entry into the Chinese mainland pertaining to a specific purpose. This can include visiting family or friends, business, or simply tourism.

One gets a tourist visas if his purpose is specifically for tourism. However, a traveler visiting the country to visit his friends or familyhas to apply for a private visa (or a travel record for personal purpose).

How long can I stay in China? How can I extend my stay?

If one has a regular business or a tourist visa, each entry permits him a maximum stay of 30 to 60 days. If in case, you want to extend your stay while you are in the visiting country, one must contact the local visa office to apply for an extension.

How do I obtain a visa for this country?

The Embassy or Consulates do not accept visa applications in mail. Candidates have to appear in person, and in casethat is not possible, they can apply via an authorized visa agency. By either process, they will get to know the basic mandatory requisites for availing their Chinese travel document.

What is the most appropriate time for applying for a China visa?

A candidate must apply for his visa at least 90 and at most 30 days prior to his departure to China. Depending upon the type of visa granted it might expire in 3/6/12 months.              

What is the total costs involving the whole processing process?

These costs include the shipping charges, the consular fees and the agency’sservice costs. To fulfill your document’s issuance requirements, you pay these consular charges to the embassy or the consulate. Shipping fees is for the return of your visa, passport and other documents. The agency service charges are for services performed by agency to process your application.


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