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Social Media Sites and Divorce

Press release January 27, 2012 Family

Private investigator agency, Insight Investigations take a look at the impact social media websites such as Facebook have had on divorce cases in recent years.

Social media sites and divorce

The rise in popularity of social media websites such as Facebook has also marked a massive increase over the past few years in the internet being cited as a reason for people filing divorce.

There have been many national tabloid stories featuring the subject with lots of figures being quoted and reported, whatever the true figures one thing is for certain; Facebook has been a massive influence on the national divorce figures in recent years.

One technology related website stated that a leading UK divorce website had conducted a survey where Facebook was blamed for 33 percent of divorces, another national newspaper also recently reported that a leading law firm specialising in divorce were dealing with approx 3 Facebook related divorces per month on average.

There are various reasons attributed to this sharp increase, obviously the amount of users and level of popularity of Facebook itself has brought about the majority of issues. Some reasons Insight can attribute to Facebook being under the spotlight include;

  • Suspicions of wrong doing
  • Evidence of affairs
  • Flirtacious Messages and Chat Feeds
  • High numbers of opposite sex friends
  • Participation in dating/flirting applications
  • Spending too much time on Facebook

All of the above factors have indeed been linked to recent divorces, obviously some will raise concern and alarm more than others, a lot of people simply enjoy Facebook for what it is; a great social media website for interaction.

If you feel that your partner is using Facebook or other social media/internet related websites to be unfaithful but you do not want to confront or have the proof, please do not hesitate to contact Insight today. Insight are specialists in modern investigation operations such as social media investigations, our private investigators can offer a 100% discretion, professional service.

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