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Smart ID Plus – Launch of Electoral Roll 2008

Press release May 2, 2008 Business

The Edited Electoral Roll 2008 has been incorporated into the extensive datsets of industry leading Electronic ID and Verifcation Solution, Smart ID Plus

Leading suppliers of electronic identity (e-ID) verification solutions, Tracesmart Corporate, have incorporated the edited Electoral Roll 2008 into their dataset collection; the driving force behind their e-ID tool Smart ID Plus. The addition of the new Electoral Roll records will help to ensure that Smart ID Plus retains its place as one of the most accurate and comprehensive e-ID products on the market.

Electronic identity verification is being adopted as a standard practice for more and more fraud and anti-money laundering professionals; this in turn has spurred a growth in demand for access to in-depth and accurate data. Mike Trezise, Managing Director at Tracesmart Corporate, elaborates on the importance of updating and expanding Smart ID Plus' dataset portfolio. "The more data sources that our clients can use to verify the identity of an individual, the more confidence they can have
in the individuals claim that they are who they say they. We continuously source new information and update data that we hold to ensure that we fulfil this need - the addition of the edited Electoral Roll 2008 is just one of many data acquisition and update projects we conduct throughout the year."

The Electoral Roll has a key role to play in the compliance and identification process, it holds valuable information pertaining to an individuals name and address details, and in combination with other datasets it is a valuable tool when attempting to ascertain an individuals' identity. In addition to the current and historic Electoral Rolls, Smart ID Plus also calls upon a wide variety of positive and negative datasets, as Paul Weathersby, the company's Technical Director, highlights, "When we initially developed Smart ID Plus we knew how important it was to utilise as many independent sources to verify identity as possible. Our clients - especially those who operate in the field of anti-money laundering - have strict guidelines they have to follow, which require that any electronic verification tool they employ to fulfil customer due diligence requirements, should call upon a variety of robust data sources. The quantity of accurate data sources Smart ID Plus calls upon is well into double figures, allowing for extremely comprehensive checks to be conducted."

About Tracesmart

Smart ID Plus is one of UK's leading electronic identity verification tools and provides a wide variety of industries with the means to confidently identify their customers.Tracesmart Corporate is the commercial division of Tracesmart Ltd (Proprietors of Smart ID Plus). As well as supplying one of the industries leading electronic identity verification products, they provide a wide range of consumer tracing, data cleansing and B2C marketing data solutions.

Paul Weathersby is an industry leading IT specialist who, in his role as Technical Director at Tracesmart Ltd, oversees the development and maintenance of Smart ID Plus.

Managing Director of Tracesmart Ltd, Mike Trezise's extensive knowledge of consumer data and fraud analysis is pivotal in the growth and
development of their Smart ID Plus product.

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