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Sky Market Priceless TV to Drive New Summer Subscribers

Press release June 28, 2011 Multimedia

Sky has just launched their latest summer marketing campaign which sees them market Sky TV with the Variety pack as priceless TV for less than £20 a month.

With the market for TV, Broadband and Home Phone bundles heating up, Sky has made the step of packaging their Sky TV with Variety Pack, the Sky Everyday Lite broadband package and the Sky Weekend and Evening Calls package, all for just £19.50 a month. Their marketing promotions see a focus around priceless TV with the Variety Pack offering some of the top Sky TV channels including Sky One, Sky Atlantic, Comedy Central, G.O.L.D and Sky Living.

A spokesman for Media Deals, Graham Worrall, commented: “With the current economic climate as it is, and with households constantly looking at ways to reduce monthly outgoings, Sky should see a good return from packaging the Top Sky TV Channels with broadband and calls for under £20 a month.”

The campaign launched in the UK press last week, with advert placement in national newspapers, magazines and billboards. The main landing page to accompany the campaign can be found at, where potential customers can find out all they need to know about the offer, and sign up.

Sky is well known for their well planned marketing campaigns, and this helped them reach over 10 million subscribers, 2 million of which are also subscribed to their HD offering.