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Six Sigma & Process Excellence IQ, the Worldwide Leader in Lean, Six Sigma, BPM and Quality Conferences and Seminars, Launches the New “Healthcare Process Improvement Network”

Press release July 8, 2010 Business

Six Sigma & Process Excellence IQ is proud to announce the upcoming Healthcare Process Improvement Network (H-PIN)

the online and face-to-face information resource for Lean Six Sigma (LSS) and Process Improvement professionals in the Healthcare Sector. 

The H-PIN Network provides a unique tailored-learning experience to ensure Process Improvement Teams can benefit from face-to-face learning opportunities.

Through-out the year HPIN provides exclusive webcasts, articles and interviews with leading thinkers to keep ahead of the game on the latest ways to save time and money to global organizations, plus the chance to join the exclusive online network where which will offer virtual access to experts from across the US’s Healthcare Community.

But H-PIN it’s not only a virtual community: the H-PIN community will have the chance to meet one another in person at the Annual General Meeting, taking place in Chicagoon the 29th and 30th of September.

Experts involved in some of the country’s leading programs will be on hand to show the community how to emulate their ground breaking results. Key thinkers such as the Head of LSS at Columbus Regional Hospital, the COO at Charleston Area Medical Centre and the Head of LSS at HCA Healthcare will all be in attendance among many more.

As well as the two day event, the 2010 AGM will also be the host of the first Healthcare Process Improvement Network Awards.

This is a chance to boost the standing of Lean Six Sigma program within Healthcare organizations and the wider Healthcare LSS community.

For more information about the Healthcare Process Improvement Network, the H-PIN AGM, the H-PIN Awards and to access free online resources please visit


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