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Simple and proven way to overcome the fear of flying. Get the first 2 steps for FREE.

Press release June 18, 2010 Health

Online, instantly downloadable MP3 audio session that eliminates flying anxiety and nerves in just 90 minutes. Simple PROVEN formula that dissolves the fear of flying for good. Afterward you go on to fly with ease….guaranteed!

The author of a popular self help website assists people to overcome their fear of flying and take positive steps to take back control of something that was previously in control of them. Ailish McGrath, is a very successful professional hypnotherapist with years of experience helping people overcome their flying phobia and anxieties about flying.

She began seeing a marked increase in the numbers of clients consulting with a depilating fear and panic about air travel.  Their fears had increased with the step up in security since the terrorist attacks and threats in airports. The frequent media coverage about terrorism and dangers of flying caused many to imagine worst case scenarios whenever they thought about flying; keeping the fear ever most in their minds. Recently the volcanic ash and the disturbance that caused over Europe brought ever more people to her clinic frightened to fly.

With so many people suffering from this fear she decided to launch an on-line Flying Help Course to help those people she couldn’t see in person. The highly successful program is founded on the premise that most fearful fliers can be helped by following a few simple steps that are proven over years of successful practice to eliminate or significantly reduce a person’s fear of flying. The whole program takes only 90 minutes and is formatted in downloadable MP3 files, with instant access upon purchasing the product.

In fact, so powerful is the program and her belief in its efficacy, that she gives away the first two steps for free. Often that alone is enough to help a person get on a plane, feeling ok and back in control.

 Five ‘Fear of Flying’ Self Help Aids

1.       The power to manage how you feel is within your control.
There is much you can do to manage the fearful feelings. Recognizing that you are not powerless to automatic feelings of fear begins the journey to you taking back control of something that had been in control of you. Realizing that you have the power within you to change gets you back into the driving seat where you belong!

Your imagination is very powerful and can be used to bring about calm and relaxing feelings in your body. You’ve used your imagination many times in the past to bring on physical feelings (for example: thinking of delicious food will make you mouth water and your tummy rumble). Equally your body is very powerful and can itself be used to bring about calm and relaxing feelings (for example: stretching, yawning, breathing slowly and deeply results in relaxed feelings). All you need to do is be shown how to use the skills you’ve already got to bring about the change you want (to find out more and get the first 2 steps for free visit: ).

2. Practice is the key.
One of the reasons you are good at feeling fearful about flying is because you’ve practiced the feeling. Like anything else you’re good at you’ve put in the hours, energy, imagination and focused thinking and the result is being able to get an anxious or fearful feeling whenever you think about flying. This is good news; it means you have the wherewithal to change. Just imagine what would be different if you put the same focus, time and energy into practicing feeling good about flying.

3. Allow yourself to trust others to do their job properly.
Engineers, flight staff, pilots, flight navigators are exceptionally well trained. The plane and all the instruments involved are rigorously tested and maintained. They are designed for the job. You can make a decision that you are safe, in good hands and give yourself permission to trust others to do their job. It’s amazing the change that can take place in a person’s mind once they make a firm decision about something. Think of decisions you made in the past – once you really and truly make up your mind about something you achieve it – right? So right now make the decision that it’s ok to begin to feel good about flying and that you are safe.

4. Begin to re-label the feelings.
The physical sensations of a panic attack or strong anxiety are the exact same sensations a person feels watching a horror movie or on the rollercoaster ride at a theme park. They are the exact same. The problem arises by the meaning a person gives to the sensations. In one case the feelings are not wanted and labeled ‘awful’ and in the other case the feelings are sought out, paid for and labeled ‘thrilling’. You can change your mind; you can change how you think about things. How would it be for you if you were to think that flying is thrilling, what if you were to associate that meaning to your sensations? How would that change your experience of flying?

5. Acceptance
Emotion is energy that you feel in your body. Energy needs to flow to be healthy. Blocked, rejected, repressed or suppressed emotion makes us sick mentally and sometimes physically. What happens any emotion that you surrender to, and emotion that you simply accept? It comes, it flows, it goes. Accepting an emotion is like allowing a river to flow where it’s going and not blocking it with a dam. So the next time you think about flying or are on a plane, instead of thinking ‘oh no, here comes the anxiety’, say to yourself ‘here comes the anxiety, that’s ok, I accept this feeling, I accept myself’……that acceptance and kindness will allow the emotion to flow and will allow it to leave, and you will feel a lot calmer and strong to boot.

Ailish McGrath

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist