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Press release September 9, 2016

Companies across industries face the problem of not having a leader training programme

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On a daily basis, companies across industries face the problem of not having a leader training programme for employees who have been promoted. Meanwhile, small companies often cannot afford the expenses associated with external training or internal University degrees. Additionally, large companies often have a tight time schedule where projects need to be handled upon immediately.

For the same reason, employees are often thrown into assignments or projects, which they are not cable of handling without any sort of earlier training. At several occasions, the newly promoted leaderss feel overburdened, confused and disoriented when it comes to the process that lies behind successfully handling management projects.

Some employees might thrive when being thrown directly into the role as a leader, while others fear the task. Companies expect their newly promoted leaders to develop leader skills out of the nowhere and without being given any training. However, studies show how important it is to have a formal approach when it comes to training the companies’ leaders.

At Probana Business School, we offer a Mini MBA that touches upon HR, psychology, strategy and business development as well as performance management, value-creating management and leadership. The Mini MBA herby secures that a newly promoted leader, alongside his new responsibility, and without increasing stress at either work or at home, can fulfil his or her task. Probana’ s Mini MBA is a modern management training programme that provides specific tools and is targeted towards current industry trends. We have carefully selected leading educators from higher education institutions, business executives and professors, ensuring a high level. Furthermore, the Mini MBA provides:

  • Flexible teaching
  • Six optional training days with sparring and network
  • 10-month management training


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