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Shoelery - a revelation in accessories for your feet

Press release October 22, 2009

A website specialising in niche fashion accessories has become the first in the UK to sell ‘shoelery’ – accessories to transform your shoes. will offer a range of attractive accessories in various styles from pretty diamante or exquisite lacework to rock chick black leather with studs, to decorate shoes allowing one pair to look like several.

Site founder Marta Eleniak believes the move will be popular with women who will be able to accessorise their existing shoe collection – giving their existing footwear an up-to-the-minute transformation and making their feet look gorgeous.

Marta said: “I love the sexy shoe design with big ankle cuffs that’s so en vogue, but with my wide toes there’s not much chance of me finding a pair that won’t be so painful to wear that they’ll end up being given away to a charity shop. I thought why not do a belt for the ankles and the idea grew from there. The range also includes ankle corsets, belts and chains – some are limited edition following’s ethos to provide their customers with the opportunity to own something beautiful and unique.”

“All women love to accessorise, as by doing so they can bring the simplest outfit to life. So I thought why not transform shoes or boots?”

“Lots of women’s experience is that new shoes hurt like hell. Shoelery is a great idea as it allows women to make their existing stylish yet ‘comfortable’ shoes or boots look fabulous, meaning they can stay both fashionable and smiling. They say your shoes are the first thing people notice about you when you walk into a room, so now there’s no excuse not to make a good impression,”

Excited about the prospect of footwear add-ons Marta decided to investigate whether or not the term “shoelery” was being used by any other fashion retailers or if she was going to be first to market.

However after Googling the term Marta discovered that it was already being used by the recently launched US footwear accessory designer brand Bluff NY, something she thought could be a setback.

Marta said: “I was obviously disappointed that I wasn’t the first to have the idea but their shoelery product range had many stunning designs also brilliant for boots, which would sit well alongside the shoelery I was commissioning leatherworkers and other artisans to make for me.”

“Undeterred Marta contacted Bluff NY to investigate their shoelery products further, a decision which in turn presented her with an unexpected business opportunity.”

Marta said: “The meeting of great minds that think alike has led me to not only be the sole UK online stockist of Bluff NY shoelery but to become their UK agent too, selling their high fashion high quality products to stores nationwide.

I showed Bluff NY at London Fashion Week’s ‘A La Mode’ independent catwalk show and the response was fantastic. Bea Hamill bagged the gorgeous antique gold ones with chains falling around the ankle, as she was off to a celebrity party. The feathers ankle belts I wore and the ‘Achilles’ ankle bands attracted a lot of interest in particular.

Now women can visit and buy not only belts for their waist but their ankles plus other accessories to add glamour or attitude to any footwear from sandals to boots.”


Notes: Bluff NY designer shoelery is handmade in New York and retails at £35-75 per pair. Diamante or imitation pearl barefoot sandals that can be worn with plain heels for a stunning evening look or on bare feet when on holiday and start at £10 a pair.

Website URL: - more limited edition pieces being added all the time as they arrive from the artists commissioned.

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