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ShieldCrest releases World Cup Book for 2010 - by Steve Woods.

Press release May 27, 2010 Culture

World Cup Companion for 2010 is an essential companion for all England football fans. It provides a unique guide to this year’s tournament including tables which can be updated as each match unfolds, an easy-to-follow knock-out stages chart, and space for match reports and statistics to be added as a permanent personal record.

It takes a close look at which teams are most likely to win the 2010 tournament, and discusses what England’s chances of success are this year.  England’s possible route to the final is explained and examined.

For newcomers to the world of football, it also provides a brief history of the World Cup from the early years leading up to the first tournament in 1930 and to each of the subsequent tournaments.  It explains the format employed in each tournament, and lists facts and scores including some penalty shoot-out statistics.

It can be carried with you wherever you go, used for quick reference while watching matches, or as a reference book when with friends.

Truly essential reading for every football fan and particularly for this year’s World Cup

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