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Serenity Addiction Centres and Steps Counselling Teams Up to Prevent Drink and Drug Driving

Press release December 24, 2018 Family Drink driving Health Women Social Alcohol Addiction Problem drinking Mental health

In time for the holidays, the alcohol and drug detox providers together invested 100,000 GBP into a drink and driving program.

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UK Cities and all Counties– The festive season finds many behind the wheel while under the influence across the United Kingdom. Knowing the seriousness of driving while drinking or using drugs, Serenity Addiction Centres and Steps Counselling has joined together and invested 100,000 GBP to launch a drink and drug driving program for its prevention. The free program includes drink and drug driving awareness campaigns and three, twenty-five-minute counselling sessions available to anyone in need of help.

“It's easy for anyone to convince themselves that they won't get caught and that they'll be OK since the drive is only a few miles up the road,” said Elle, a representative from Serenity Health. “It's only a matter of time before the person will get caught by the police, or worse, cause a fatal accident. We are here to help those suffering with addiction, even before they recognize the symptoms.”

In 2017, approximately 940 people were killed in car accidents in the UK due to drug and alcohol drivers. It is estimated that well over 20% of drink and drug driving occurs without being caught. The consequences of this behaviour is devastating for all involved. Those who abuse this and are not caught may now be living in fear that they will be found out. Keeping such a big secret from friends and family causes much guilt, which can cause the person to become trapped in a cycle of drinking and/or drug taking to try to escape the shame. Serenity Health UK and Steps Counselling want to help individuals break free from the cycle of problem drinking and get help.

The drink and drug driving awareness program will help individuals recognize the serious risks and consequences their actions could have if not addressed. Abusers may believe that taking more than usual amounts of alcohol and drugs during the holidays is totally justifiable behaviour, and that they do not have a problem. It isn't until something serious happens that they wake up. The drink and drug driving program seeks to help individuals before they get into destructive situations.

The program allows clients to receive counselling through Skype or over the telephone, with the Serenity and Steps team of professional addiction and alcoholism counsellors. Three, twenty-five-minute counselling sessions are available to anyone needing help to fight addiction this festive season. Each client's personal information will be kept confidential, and all data will be kept safe and secure.

The drink and drug drive program will cover the entire UK through the holidays and will run for three months. If the program is successful, the companies may invest more and run it for longer.

Those seeking help can call the dedicated free phone number: 0800 234 3825 or email [email protected].

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Family Drink driving Health Women Social Alcohol Addiction Problem drinking Mental health