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Selling Your Property Yourself Is Not Rocket Science!

Press release March 28, 2010 Homes & Gardens

Selling a home yourself, without an expensive estate agent is easier than most people think

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However, it will take some work on your part since you will be doing a lot of things that an estate agent might normally do.

Estate agents fees can be as much as 4%, so no wonder more and more people prefer to sell their homes themselves. By reading on it will become clear how easy it is to bypass estate agents and still sell your home.

Even in this economic climate, there is still a high demand for property, now could be a good time to consider putting your home on the market.

Estate agent fees vary from around 1.5%, but can be as high as 3%. So for example if you are selling a property for £220,000 and your Estate Agent fees are 2%, you will be paying £4,400 in commission.  So what options are there for people who want to bypass estate agents when they sell their homes?

According to some sources, it is mainly younger people who are happy to go through the home-selling process without an estate agent at their side to hold their hand.

However, anyone can sell their homes independently as long as they are confident and organised.

Where to market your home

The internet is a fantastic place to advertise your home, although some may think this is a daunting thing to do by yourself it is made so much easier with Private Sale Web Sites which are for people to upload and control their own property listings.

These websites allow you to market your home directly to buyers, with the facility to upload photos and a description of the property. Although some websites offer this service for free, most require you to pay a one-off fee.

Private Sale Web Sites such as www.myprivatemove.comoffer a range of packages to suit everyone; they aim to make it easier to sell your home yourself. Each customer, whether buying or selling, has an easy to use control panel where they monitor and control the property they are selling, or the properties they have shortlisted for viewing.

You can have as much or as little as you like, from a few pictures and property description to having key selling points, video clips of you property, geographical map showing the location and your own For Sale board. 



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