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Selfridges to stock SmokeStik

Press release October 22, 2009 Lifestyle

One of the UK’s leading retailers has agreed to stock SmokeStiks – the revolutionary, ban-busting electronic cigarette which has taken America by storm.

Selfridges have agreed to stock SmokeStiks in all UK stores after a meeting with Lady Victoria Hervey – who has designed her own product the SmokeStik Royale for the company.

The SmokeStik Royale offers a smoke-free nicotine hit so smokers get all the satisfaction of a traditional cigarette, without any cancer causing agents, making them a much smarter alternative to tobacco.

SmokeStiks use cartridges which cost substantially less than a pack of traditional cigarettes, and as they aren’t restricted by the smoking ban they can be used anywhere – pubs, clubs and even on aeroplanes.

The SmokeStik has already enjoyed great success in the US where A-list celebrities such as Leonardo Di Caprio have been seen using the product.

Smoker Lady Victoria, who is now based in the US, was so impressed with the SmokeStik when she first discovered it at a showbiz party in Los Angeles she got involved with the manufacturers and produced her own limited edition version of the product which features her Bristol family crest.

She was in London last week for Fashion Week and managed to fit in a meeting with executives from Selfridges into her hectic party schedule. The Selfridges team are now understood to be planning a special event to launch the product into their stores.

Lady Victoria said: “I am delighted that Selfridges have agreed to stock the SmokeStik Royale. SmokeStiks are popular in the US and I’m sure they will be a big hit in the UK too.

“British smokers have a much healthier alternative to tobacco and now the SmokeStik Royale is easier to buy than ever.

“SmokeStiks can be enjoyed anywhere and are healthier than tobacco cigarettes. Thousands of American smokers have thrown away their tobacco cigarettes after trying the SmokeStik and I think it’ll help many British smokers to quit tobacco too.

Selfridges is the first UK stockist of the product but Lady Victoria is in talks with several other large retailers.

So confident are SmokeStik about the success of their product they have trademarked the phrase “The Future of Smoking.”

To find out more about the SmokeStik get in touch with the company by visiting or call 0808 120 1999.


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