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Seisma Oil Research's West Janice #2 Prospect, In Yoakum County, Texas Spudding Today

Press release November 25, 2008 Energy & Environment

Seisma Oil Research, LLC is pleased to announce their prospect West Janice #2, is spudding today.

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November 25 , 2008 Boca Raton - Seisma Oil Research, LLC is pleased to announce their prospect West Janice #2, in Yoakum County, Texas is spudding today. Enermax, Inc. who is the operator of the West Janice #2 Prospect, and the driller Patterson Drilling have officially started drilling at this well location. As previously announced, on October 23rd, Lavon Evans, Jr, of Evans Energy (E2) will be supervising the project. As planned the well will be drilled to the vertical depth of 11,500 feet in order to test the Wolfcamp formation at 8,800 feet and the Devonian formation at 11,100 feet. Combined, these reservoirs have an estimated recovery potential of 2,600,000 barrels of oil.

"We are a few days behind our original target date for spudding on this project," commented Justin Solomon, President of Seisma Oil Research, LLC, "but we are now back on track and drilling has commenced full throttle. Our expectations for West Janice #2 are high, and we will keep everyone posted as to the progress and results of this venture as we know them. Hopefully Christmas will come early to Yoakum this year."

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