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Seisma Oil Research, LLC Recognizes The Opportunities For Growth And Becomes Seisma Energy Research, AVV

Press release July 8, 2009 Energy & Environment

Seisma Oil Research, LLC are extremely proud to announce their successful application to expand business operations from the Nation of Aruba; now fully licensed under the name: Seisma Energy Research, AVV.

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Boca Raton, FL July 8, 2009 - Recognizing that an opportunity exists, the timing is right, and the markets are there, Seisma Oil Research, LLC transitions to become Seisma Energy Research, AVV. After having established a firm foothold in the North American region Seisma is poised to break into new markets in the Southern Hemisphere and offer new and exciting opportunities. Seisma understands that as the world's demand for increased energy supplies keeps growing at an unchecked and vigorous pace they can now diversify and position themselves as a major player in the region by branching out and taking advantage of new found opportunities.

A spokesperson for Seisma commented on the transition recently. "By relocating our offices and facilities to Aruba we have properly positioned ourselves to take advantage of the vast quantities of resources and opportunities found in nearby South American countries, while remaining in close proximity to our proven projects in North America. We feel that as a company looking for growth we need to continue to move forward by expanding and diversifying our product range. Aruba's location, infrastructure and business environment only makes good business sense as the place for us to kick-start our expansion strategy. He continued to explain the move by emphasizing, "It is a responsibility and a promise we have made to ourselves and to our partners."

Operating as Seisma Energy Research, AVV will facilitate the growth of the company's portfolio and offerings to its existing and burgeoning client base. As new product lines come into play, and the company diversifies its holdings, Seisma anticipates their growth to occur at a much greater pace than in previous years. Seisma's spokesperson elaborated, "Aruba has been a center of productivity and growth in the Southern region for close to a century, and it has always played a significant role in bringing the areas natural resources to market and improving the economic health of the region. We have been looking for an opportunity like this for a while and we now know that we have found it in Aruba."

In establishing the criteria for their new headquarters, Seisma focused on location, access to available resources, functionality and image. The new offices in Aruba will enable Seisma to absorb their anticipated growth and expansion with ease. The shift enables Seisma to combine much of their corporate executive, sales and administrative team under one roof enabling them to work more efficiently and provide their partners and clients with a superior level of service. Seisma's move to Aruba will also create a growth of internal headcount for staffing, an increased focus on managed services, and full spectrum support for their Joint Venture Partners worldwide. In addition, the surrounding amenities are exactly what were wanted for Seisma's employees and visitors alike.

Contact information for Seisma Energy Research, AVV:

Seisma Energy Research, AVV
Montania Plaza 238
Noord, Aruba

Phone: 297.583.2834
Fax: 297.583.2835

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