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Seisma Oil Research, LLC Has Gone Paperless

Press release June 25, 2009 Energy & Environment

In an effort to be more environmentally friendly and efficient, Seisma Oil Research, LLC has been implementing an ongoing plan to become a "paperless" office. As of June 2009 Seisma is keeping as close to 100% electronic records as is possible.

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Boca Raton, FL - June 25, 2009 - In an effort to be more environmentally friendly and efficient, Seisma Oil Research, LLC has been implementing an ongoing plan to become a "paperless" office. Seisma is now creating less of an impact on the planet's resources and ecosystem, while at the same time creating more time to pay greater attention to detail.

Seisma's final objective, of transitioning to the paperless record keeping and documentation system, is to cut down on the use of paper and inks. Although paper is manufactured from a renewable and recyclable resource, trees, ink is another problem all together. The main issues with inks and their impact on our ecosystem, is the use of volatile organic compounds, heavy metals and non-renewable oils in their manufacture. Disposal of ink cartridges, which always contain some residue of ink, is just not an environmentally sound practice and Seisma has expressed their desire to get as far from that as they can.

As of this month, June 2009, Seisma is keeping as close to 100% electronic records as is possible rather than traditional paper ones which used to account for more than a fair share of their documentation. This is an exciting but challenging transition for a big corporation. It will not only mean some adaptation to the Seisma Team's daily routine, but it also helps to further their goal of participating in the global effort to Green Up.

Of course, there will always be a need for Seisma to use some amount of paper and ink, but they are assuredly trying to become as sensibly paperless as they can. Seisma asks it clients and partners to please be patient with them during this transition, computerized data bases do take time to hone and perfect, and they have had their system in the beta stage for close to a year before they initiated its use for all of their staff and offices.

Seisma's Administration Team kindly requests that whenever anyone receives future correspondences please do not print them unless you feel it is truly necessary.

:: About Seisma Oil Research, LLC

When called upon to bring their partners preeminent and technically sound state-of-the-art oil and gas-drilling programs to market, Seisma Oil Research, LLC continues to deliver, barrel upon barrel. Seisma was conceived, engineered and placed to become a global conduit for an increasingly demanding industry. Seisma Oil Research, LLC has already surpassed its primary expectations by expanding partnerships and opening world markets and is now forging ahead within new partnerships and associations.

Through their unique brand of corporate management they are able to offer opportunities to prospective investors that have, until their arrival in the market place, been historically unattainable by many of their partners around the globe. Supported by decades of executive experience, industry knowledge and relationships and the best technology on offer, Seisma Oil Research, LLC continues to develop and expand their partnerships and portfolio of energy focused investments.

Seisma's principal responsibility to its investors is to intelligently acquire, operate, explore, exploit and develop oil and gas properties. Their portfolio includes production, exploration, pipelines and water rights, with a new value added emphasis on renewable energies such as ethanol and bio diesel they continually strive to be among the cutting edge this industry's leaders.

Seisma's operations are carried out predominantly in the Mid-Continent Region, Permian Basin, and Gulf Coast/Gulf of Mexico. Their partners are positioned around the globe, and by having preferential access to Seisma's research they are enabled to actively participate in Seisma's growth. Their success is wholly based on the enthusiasm, commitment, and talent of our people. The ethos of our corporate culture is one of integrity, innovation, accountability and team effort.




Energy & Environment

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