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Security in Your Home

Press release April 24, 2012 Lifestyle

Ensure your home is equipped with the suitable products to protect you and your family from intruders and fire.

In order to protect your home and possessions from fire damage or intruders it is essential to have adequate security measures in place. Ironmongery Online offers many security products that alert you to a problem or deter criminals breaking into your home.

Protecting Your Home from Intruders

Security products slow down intruders, increase their chances of capture and decrease the amount of property stolen. The most effective way to assess your home’s security is to put yourself in the shoes of an intruder and inspect your house from their point of view. Would you be able to get inside your home if you had forgotten your keys? If the answer to that question is yes then you need to consider how you can make your home a safer place.

A burglar alarm is one of the most effective ways off putting off thieves. An alarm fitted in a very visible place will encourage thieves to leave without exploring your house further. Door and window detectors should be installed to all exterior doors and large windows and movement detectors should be placed in most rooms.   

You then need to make it as difficult as possible for a burglar to explore further. It’s important to ensure that you always lock all windows and doors and that garden gates are secured. This can be done through fitting bolts onto gates and securing them with a padlock. Valuables should be kept out of view from windows and your home should be well illuminated with outside lights and indoor lights on timers so it looks like someone is home. Lock bikes and motorcycles away, securing them with an appropriate bike lock. Ensuring you take these precautions will decrease the likelihood of an intruder breaking into your home.

Protecting Your Home from Fire

Fire can devastate a home and family, with the biggest cost being life. It is important to ensure your home is fitted with a smoke detector and that this is checked regularly to ensure it is in full working order. All family members should know the safest, quickest way out of the house in the event of a fire.

Through taking these simple measures you can ensure that your home will be a much safer place.