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Securing Your Car

Press release March 23, 2010 PR

Easy Steps to Try and Prevent Vehicle Theft

When trying to protect your car from theft, there are a few simple guidelines you should follow. Just because your car maybe not the most expensive on the market does not mean that you shouldn’t do all you can to secure your car. You don’t know how vital your car can be until you lose it to thieves. Follow these simple rules and you are sure to help prevent your vehicle getting stolen or broken into.

  • Always park in well lit car parks that have been given the Park Mark® safer parking award
  • If you have a garage at home, use it.
  • Remove personal items such as particular bags, cases, mobile phones and satellite navigations
  • If you cannot take them with you, never leave any personal possessions on display as thieves will often act on impulse.
  • Make sure that you have an effective immobiliser and alarm system. Vehicle tracking systems are a very effective way to recover your vehicle following a theft.

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Should the worst happen, make sure you have an adequate insurance policy to cover you. This means that you shouldn’t always purchase an insurance policy because it is the cheapest but one that will help you significantly regardless of the scenario. Ultra Motor from Home & Legacy is available which offer a similar courtesy car as yours regardless who is to blame and offer cover for up to 21 days following a theft or other total loss.

Foil Car Thieves with Tracker System

Car theft is a major problem. It costs millions of pounds each year for owners, insurers and the police to find and return or replace stolen vehicles. It is also an inconvenience to have to replace personal items that were taken. People who live in the UK now have another option; A vehicle tracking system. Easily concealed and placed in your vehicle, the tracker once activated sends a signal to the operator locates the position of your vehicle using GPS technology and tracks the vehicle movement.

The effectiveness can be limited though if the vehicle is inside a shipping container or underground car park. This is due to the need for the unit to maintain contact with the satellite, GPS and GSM system. Thieves are becoming more intelligent as tracker system have become increasingly susceptible to “jamming” equipment that blocks the signal.

Home and Legacy has teamed up with TRACKER Network (UK) Ltd, the UK’s leading car tracker and stolen vehicle recovery company, who also use a very high frequency (VHF) system alongside GPS technology. This system can locate a vehicle whether it is in an underground garage, a shipping container or even if it is being transported in a covered trailer. Once the tracker system is activated, the vehicle begins to silently broadcast a radio signal which is picked up by any of the UK’s 52 police forces. The police can follow the signal right to the car. If the vehicle is found on mainland Great Britain, the customer can request a uniformed security officer wait with the vehicle. In the event that your vehicle is found in Europe, Tracker can locate your vehicle and have it brought back to you.

Fitting a tracking system to your vehicle can be a mandatory insurance requirement for certain vehicles, giving the owner access to exclusive premiums and policies such as Ultra Motor and Prestige Motor from Home and Legacy. Fitting a tracking system is a good way to protect your car, track it if it gets stolen and can also attract further discounts from your premium.