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School Run Bookkeeping Mums To The Rescue

Press release December 31, 2012 Economy

New Niche Service Helps Paves The Cost-Cutting Way For London’s SME’s

Small or medium-sized businesses in Greater London looking for new waysto cut business costs are beginning to seek out some very special part-time bookkeeper.

Employing accountants or bookkeepers full time can be an expensive drain on company resources, and often unnecessary.

It is also a fact that outsourcing overseas can often be a false economy too as many business owners will testify.

However, there is now a perfect low-cost alternative to the usual full time accountant and who are much more reliable and skilful and dedicated that a low cost overseas outsourced worker.

Who are they? Well, they’re a group of women affectionately known as the “school run bookkeeping mums” and they’re bookkeeping jobs are beginning to gain quite a reputation around Greater London.

They are starting to catch the eye of hundreds of SME’s now around the capital for many reasons because they are:

•             Bright, Highly Skilled And Experienced Book Keepers

•             Do a Full Days Work in Part-Time Hours

•             Can Be Hired On A Regular Schedule

•             Highly Productive & Can Offer A Host Of Other Skills Acquired Before They Had Kids

•             Proven To Be Efficient, Reliable & Affordable

•             Motivated, Professional & Flexible (i.e. work weekends)

•             Keen To Earn An Extra Income

•             Motivated To Get Back Into Work

“They are ideal,” says Milan Joshi of School Run Bookkeepers,“because these professional mums with previous bookkeeper experience who also happen to have school age children, can be available between those times when they’re not dropping their kids off at school every day and picking them up again, to dedicate themselves to London businesses that need reliable but more affordable accounting experts.”

It’s also ideal for professional mothers with school age children who are looking for flexible return-to-work opportunities that allow them to balance their family life and child care responsibilities with a successful career.

“And,” said Mr Joshi, “it doesn’t matter if there are mothers out there who would love the chance to be involved in this kind of work but don’t have the skills, as we also provide training opportunities, thus giving mothers a first step on a new career path.

“It is, as you can clearly see, a perfect match.”

And is the reason why school run bookkeeping mums are virtually taking over the capital and have a growing list of SME clients. School Run Bookkeeping Mums also has a vast database of fully qualified Mums ready to take on the books of businesses at a moments notice.

For SME’s seeking to make business more efficient,school run bookkeeping services london might be just what they need to help make the cost savings they desire.

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