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School Run Bookkeepers Announces Major Website and Service Launch

Press release January 9, 2013 Business

Revolutionary Approach to SME Accountancy Arrives in London

School Run Bookkeepers is proud to announce the launch of its brand-new website, signifying that the revolutionary new accountancy service is open for businesses in the capital. As of today, the UK’s SMEs are being offered an alternative approach to accountancy of the highest calibre, while professional mums are being offered an incredible helping hand back to work.

The first of its kind to hit the UK market, School Run Bookkeepers is a specialist service offering elite accountancy by promoting part time jobs for mums returning to work in this highly competitive field.

A New Dynamic

“If you are a small or medium sized business looking for bookkeeping services in London and a great way to cut business costs, then our bookkeeping mums are just what you need!” – School Run Bookkeepers

Unlike any other accountancy website or service on the market today, School Run Bookkeepers offer a double-sided benefit that extends to both the SMEs in need of professional bookkeeping services and the professionals able to offer their skills. It is a case of making the perfect matches every time by finding those with a desperate desire to get back to work and connecting them with the SMEs crying out for flawless accountancy services without paying conventionally OTT prices.

This is the first time both sides of the equation have been brought into equal consideration and is long overdue.

All Boxes Ticked

“We realised that professional Mums with school age children want flexible employment that allows them to balance their family life and child care responsibilities with a successful career. Small to medium sized businesses want reliable but affordable bookkeeping services. A Perfect match!” – School Run Bookkeepers

There is an enormous and untapped resource across the UK in the form of professional accountants and bookkeepers looking to tie flexible contracts and partnerships in line with their family commitments. Not only are businesses overspending by billions each year on less-than ideal accountancy service, but thousands of UK mums are tirelessly trying to put their skills to use.

School Run Bookkeepers is delighted to announce the arrival of the very first solution to both.

About School Run Bookkeepers:

School Run Bookkeepers is a one of a kind service based in London, which matches up UK SMEs with accountancy professionals from an extensive database of mums looking for flexible, professional partnerships. They serve as a portal both for those looking for accountants and those looking for work, looking to build mutually beneficial connections like no other service on the market today. The service taps into the enthusiasm, talent, professionalism and flexibility of thousands of professional mums for the very first time. See for further details.