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Press release June 29, 2010 IT

The ultimate pin delivery system has been created by London graduate

A university graduate is set to take the IT industry by storm after developing a ‘hacker proof’ PIN delivery system – in his lunchbreaks.

Mohammed Ramezanian, 26, pioneered ‘PomidorCart’ in-between lectures and study periods at Westminster University.

With the help of pals, he developed secure software capable of sending passwords and personal identification numbers between businesses.

The technology - dubbed the 'ultimate pin delivery system' - enables companies to send and receive classified information via email or encrypted text message, virtually without risk.

Less than four years on, and a string of companies worldwide – including a leading telecommunications firm - are using PomidorCart's services.

Mohammed, known as Mo to friends, is now tipped to become the ‘next big thing’ in the computer and software industry.

Speaking yesterday, Mo – the managing director of Bermouda Ltd - said he developed the software in response to a lack of reliable and secure delivery systems on the market.

He said: “We wanted to make a difference. We knew we could culminate our knowledge and experience and shift from customer to service provider.

“We know what it's like to be a customer, and so all our efforts are aimed at implementing a customer-centred service. It's not rocket science; if you pay, you shall receive.”

Billed as the world's first “affordable packaged solution”, PomidorCart enables PIN codes to be delivered swiftly and securely between vendors, service providers and consumers.

It can, and is, being used by telecommunication companies and other businesses to send a variety of codes.

These include access numbers for pre-paid mobile phone cards, log-in details for internet and banking services, PINs for new software like games and word processing platforms, and codes for members-only or restricted-access websites.

Its instantaneous delivery system means customers receive their PIN codes as soon as the transaction has been approved – a process usually lasting less than 60 seconds.

And thanks to its global SMS coverage – available in 221 countries and territories - PINs can be sent virtually anywhere in the world, eliminating the traditional time gap between payment and delivery.

The PomidorCart solution also reduces the opportunity for fraud and identity theft; PIN codes are stored and transported securely and the data is encrypted using 128Kb encrypted algorithms while being stored in the database.

It was designed using PHP and MySQL - two 'secure' forms of computer programming languages – and supports unbreakable Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates.

The software has enabled Bermouda Ltd to weather the economic downturn. It now looks set to become a global phenomenon in coming months.

Mo, who launched the company in 2006, said: “Put simply, PomidorCart works by allowing people to share vital codes securely.

''If you are selling a game online, for example, and your customer needs a serial number to access that game, Pomidorcart will provide that serial number immediately using a secure line.”

He added: ‘'Quite simply that's what we are here for; to deliver the best customer service experience in the industry.

“We are a market leader known for our forward thinking approach and are the first company in the world to introduce such an initiative as an affordable packaged solution to vendors – something highly attractive to businesses of all sizes.

Incredibly, PomidorCart - a word play on the Russian 'pomidor' meaning 'tomato' - costs from only £288.

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