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Press release June 7, 2012 Lifestyle

Be Safe When Out and About

With the summer now upon us and the weather improving, many of us will be out later enjoying the warm evenings. Whether you are taking the dog for a walk, out on your bike, going for a run or have children who enjoy playing out, LED and glow safety gadgets can keep everyone safe when the daylight begins to fade. These gadgets enable you to be seen by others in the dark, especially whilst near busy roads. 

Walking the Dog…..

When walking your dog on an evening, it can be very easy to lose sight of your furry friend once it starts to get dark. An LED light-up dog collar is the perfect choice of gadget, ensuring you can always see your dog while they are off their lead. These durable lightweight collars are perfect for everyday use and are available in a choice of colours.

Alternatively you can attach a spotlit LED dog collar light to your dog’s collar which emits a bright glow that can either be set to flash or constant modes and can be seen by everyone within 1000 feet; ensuring your dog is visible to everyone, especially cars.


To maximise your safety while out on an early morning or late evening run, wear a reflective/LED running marker band around your upper arm. These lightweight, shock resistant bands have super bright LEDs inside a reflective strip, and can be seen from over 1 mile away. They can be used for running, walking and cycling, so no matter what you are doing you will be seen and safe.


Each year around 17,000 cyclists are killed or injured in reported road accidents; of which about 2,500 are killed or seriously injured. These high numbers indicate that cyclists need to take more precautions in keeping themselves safe on the roads. Here at Altereglow we have a wide selection of glow in the dark gadgets to keep cyclists safe, and safety doesn’t always have to be boring. LED bike spoke lights not only keep you safe while riding, but also create dazzling light effects on the flashing and constant LED modes and children will especially love them.

To ensure that you are very clearly visible, wear a Reflective sports vest and attach a reflective helmet marker to your helmet. These both contain LEDs and reflective strips to ensure you are bright enough to be seen by everyone.

When you and your children are out in the evening time, when it is beginning to get dark it is very important that you are all wearing appropriate clothing and accessories. Don’t go out wearing all dark clothing and ensure you have as much glow in the dark or reflective items on as possible, keeping safe doesn’t have to be boring.