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Road safety

Press release January 30, 2012 Lifestyle

Be Bright, Be Seen

For many of us, riding bikes and crossing roads is a part of our daily routine. In 2010 there were over 208,648 injured and 1,850 deaths on the UK roads. Now these figures have grabbed your attention, there are many accessories and steps to ensure your safety on the roads.

 Here are some easy tips to consider when out on the roads:

  • Find the safest place to cross: footbridges, subways, islands, pelican, zebra and traffic light crossings are ideal.
  • If none of the above is in view, then make sure you look both ways and that traffic can see you.
  • Do not cross on sharp bends, before the top of a hill or walk out from a row of parked cars.
  • Wear reflective clothing (especially at night) this ensures that you’re seen.
  • Take time to look around you for traffic before you step out, listen carefully in case something's coming that you can't see from where you're standing.
  • Make sure you're concentrating. It's easy to get distracted if you're listening to music on your headphones, or chatting and texting on your mobile.
  • While looking and listening while you cross, walk straight across the road and avoid running.
  • Wear reflective bands. If jogging, running or cycling they are minimal yet affective.
  • Customize your satchel with cool and reflective accessories
  • If out walking your dog, ensure that they are wearing a reflective collar so that they are easily seen by traffic.
  • If out cycling make sure you wear reflective clothing and include LED spoke lights, back lights and front lights. Ensure they are clean and in full working order.

Staying safe on the road seems easy, yet every year the UK roads claim thousands of lives. Following these easy steps could save your life. Be aware of the traffic around you and don’t cross until safe to do so. Remember Be Bright, Be Seen!