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Press release February 28, 2013 PR

How Crave + Lamb Are Taking Online Marketing To New Levels Of Excellence

He didn’t get where he is today by not knowing what he needed to do to get there, is something CJ might have said in The Rise & Fall Of Reggie Perrin, and it is something thecreatives at Crave+Lamb could have as their slogan such is the pedigree they have among their team.

That’s because the online marketing agency comes with a wealth of experience. They've been there from the start and one of their founders ran one of the first agencies to use PPC marketing in the UK at the time.The founders have represented numerous well-known brands and have driven marketing activity with great success for a number of smaller clients too.They have built an agency that is as efficient as possible for large and small budgets and they have some clever tools at their disposal to make sure they deliver results again and again.

“Our work is probably a lot like your work,” says Rob Jones of Crave+Lamb.“We see ourselves as a marketing department as well as an agency so we all need to be able to manage a multitude of channels. Of course, we have specialists, but this holistic approach means everyone understands the full-picture.”

And the big picture looks something like this:

Crave+Lamb love to create campaign ideas from scratch and are able to invent marketing programmes that really work. Technology forms a big part of what they are, so they make sure they are as up to date as possible. This drives their ideas and improves output but they also make sure their clients gain full access to their bespoke reporting systems that allow for real-time and transparent media delivery.

“Our focus is heavily on data which we use to drive performance regardless of inventory delivery as this means we are able to collectively work to improve client KPIs, grow revenues and grow market share,” says Rob.

Whilst there is certainly a side to them that is founded on spreadsheets they also take a considered approach to concept and campaign creation based on real data and customer insight.

“Through our research partner we fully assess the foundation of the client’s brand, the opportunity and desired cut-through to establish media campaigns built on fact to scientifically drive better responses. Our creative team then collaborate to produce stand-out campaigns across digital, video, radio, outdoor and television to get our clients noticed.”

Just ask Ben Sherman and Coral, just two of the big name brands on the Crave+Lamb client list.

“It goes without saying,” Rob adds,“that we can't do a good job of driving transactional customers to websites without knowing an awful lot about internet marketing. We think this experience proves we are great at all things online: search, display, affiliate marketing, email marketing and social media.”

TV, radio, print, outdoor and sponsorship; the Crave+Lamb approach to ATL media is soak up as much data as they can in order to make sure they are planning and buying the right media for the right audience. Learn more about winner management.

Mix this with some well-managed customer research and you have a powerful offering that is checked and tested pre-launch.

“Our creative and production abilities are vast,” says Rob.“We have streamlined the client/agency process by making sure the briefs we put into our creatives are as good as they can be: this saves time and improves output.We also use storyboards to aid with concept development, then we deliver options via our own online lightbox system to aid with the approval process. From TV and radio ads, to print and online: our studio has it covered.”