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Revealing the world's best kept business productivity secret: TAM

Press release March 18, 2009 Business

With a confusing choice of management philosophies available, Team Action Management (TAM) stands out by offering an all-encompassing methodology based on scientific research that can improve productivity by up to 35%

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Many management philosophies come and go, but Team Action Management™(TAM) is still as relevant today as it was when developed from original research in the 1960s because of its sharp focus on reducing the gap between an organisation’s actual and available performance – with the potential to increase productivity by up to 35%.

TAM achieves this as a methodology that develops the performance of an organisation as a whole, by inclusive and participative management. Unlike ‘systems’ with no proven scientific basis, TAM is built on the patent protected work of a 10-year research programme led by the late Albert Humphrey at Stanford Research Institute into why businesses fail: a focus more relevant than ever in the present economic climate.

As well as developing the seeds of well-known spin-out concepts that became the SWOT analysis and stakeholder principle, this research led to the development of TAM as an all-encompassing methodology that revitalises every part of an organisation to ensure that every employee is motivated, committed and fully productive.

How does TAM help businesses today?

Albert Humphrey personally introduced TAM into client companies until his death in 2005 when he passed on TAM’s intellectual property, patents and trade marks to close associate Philip Webb. Now founder and CEO of TAM (UK) plc, Webb is committed to expanding the company and increasing TAM’s influence as the methodology of first choice for businesses.

Webb has already built on TAM’s existing, mainly UK, client base and expanded this to cover Europe, Africa and the Americas. TAM’s impressive track record among businesses and organisations now includes Advance Service Ltd, Caledonian Tractor & Equipment Co. Ltd, Givaudin Corp, GKN - Technology Ltd, J. Lyons - Tetley Ltd, Metal Box plc, Nordisk Aluminium a.s. and The Coca Cola Co. plus many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

TAM also operates a Master Practitioner programme for senior executives keen to be accredited in delivering the TAM programme.

 Why do organisations use TAM?

While many other ‘programmes’ are tried and discarded, often because they appear too slow to generate results, costly, difficult to understood or hard to apply, TAM’s longevity is the result of its:

·     ability to produce identified results fast – needing just five days of senior executives’ time

·     straightforward approach which every employee can understand

·     long-term effect on increasing and maintaining high productivity

How does TAM help businesses?

TAM helps organisations at every stage of the business cycle from start-up to mergers and acquisitions, and its Restart programme is especially suitable for businesses needing to restructure and improve performance fast to survive present challenging market conditions.

TAM’s speed at producing results is crucial for organisations that have little time to change, while its ability to unlock up to 35% of untapped productivity can offer a lifeline to companies unable to access external borrowings or investment. And once a business is turned round, TAM continues to work in the long term to maintain optimum productivity.

So as some management fashions and buzz-words fade into obscurity, TAM’s influence is increasing among businesses and organisations seeking to maximise productivity in order to achieve and maintain long-term success.

• For full details of TAM and how to manage a downturn into an upturn, please call Philip Webb, chief executive of TAM (UK) plc, on 07711 008350 or any of the dedicated TAM team on 0114 299 8885, or visit