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Refurbishing Paradise

Press release June 2, 2010 Construction

Copenhagen based JUUL | FROST Architects has won a campus development parallel commission for the refurbishment of The Paradise District located in the heart of Lund University, Sweden - Scandinavia's largest University. The winning proposal develops a holistic strategy for the campus and converts the site from a traditional university area to a modern university hub. The project also highlights expansion possibilities and links The Paradise District to the city of Lund.


“Campus in the City - the City in Campus” is the title of JUUL | FROST Architects winning proposal for the refurbishment of The Paradise District at Lund University –  Scandinavia’s largest institution for education and research with its approximately 46.000 students. The competition site is a former hospital area where the buildings throughout the last four decades have been converted to accommodate educational needs, while the surrounding outdoor areas have been somewhat neglected.

The winning project results in a holistic campus area characterized by vivid meeting places that focus on social as well as learning exchange. The Paradise District is connected by an internal knowledge path that links the campus’ varying facilities and at the same time connects the district to the rest of the city. The district’s introvert buildings are opened with new glass sections and new entry points, whereby they become accessible and knowledge is made visible. New buildings are integrated to the district’s delicate campus environment and the disposition of new buildings create new multi-functional urban spaces for the students, employees and citizens of Lund to use and enjoy.

”The winning project shows that our holistic campus planning tool that accommodatesurban, physical/ functional, social and learning requirements is an efficient methodto develop innovative and future-proof knowledge environments that are attractive in a growing global competition.”explainspartner Helle Juul, who has been responsible for the competition. “The title ‘Campus in the City - the City in Campus’ specifically refers to the important interaction between universities and cities which results in holistic campus areas, where synergy, exchange and sharing of knowledge are major focus points.” 

The jury highlights the projects ability to develop vivid urban spaces: “The proposal from JUUL | FROST Architects creates new and interesting urban spaces, which are well organized in the cross-field between existing constructions and enriching new buildings. The proposal of JUUL | FROST Architects takes a positive stand towards the existing environment and the inherent values it holds (...), while the studio’s proposal is innovative with many opportunities to add a new dynamism to the former hospital area.”

Project: Winning proposal in the parallel commission for the refurbishment of The Paradise District, Lund University, Sweden
Client: Akademiska Hus AB / Statens Fastighetsverk (Sweden)
Area: 48.000 m²
Period: 2009 - 2010

Campus development
Campus development is among the core competences of JUUL l FROST Architects. The studio works practically and analytically with development and refurbishment of campus areas. JUUL l FROST Architects has conducted the international survey “The Future Campus Areas - From the Academic Village to Urban University Hub” for The Danish University and Property Agency. In 2005 the studio conducted “The Future Universities” study, a project that focused on future-proofing the physical environment of universities.

Simultaneously with this work the studio has developed a holistic planning tool it currently uses in various campus projects across Scandinavia. Among other things the studio currently acts as advisors for The Technical University of Denmark and Professionshojskolen UCC (University College Capital). In Sweden Akademiska Hus has just invited the studio to participate in a new campus competition at the University of Örebro and the studio advices the management of Akademiska Hus regarding campus development all over Sweden.