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Refrigerant Plant Operators in breach of maintenance regulations

Press release June 8, 2010 Energy & Environment

Products launched to combat the problem of Refrigerant Plant Operators in breach of maintenance regulations.

Murco launch two New Products to combat the problem of Refrigerant Plant Operators in breach of maintenance regulations. Annual gas detectors checks are compulsory as they are required by  EN378 and the F Gas regulations on halocarbon gas.  However according to Murco an alarming number of plant operators are not checking their systems on an annual basis and are now in breach of these regulations.  To combat the problem Murco have launched  two new methods of system checking  a calibration kit and a gas ampoule test kit which will simplify compliance.

These test kits provide customers with an affordable and easy to follow procedure which can be done in-house or if necessary Murco can arrange a test/calibration service with someone in your area. 

For ammonia and CO2 Murco have gas ampoules which are cheaper and may be a more flexible solution - they are not classed as hazardous for transport. Halocarbons such as R404A are not available in ampoules. A newly improved 'hood' for gas testing/calibration kits focuses and concentrates the gas on the sensor being tested with much greater accuracy, saving users time and money on their annual system checks.

Speaking at the launch Managing Director of Murco, Lorcan Maher said that electronic and gas detection equipment do drift with time, it is imperative that plant operators check their sensors for wear and tear on an annual basis and re-calibrate their systems.  With these new regulations in place plant operators have a legal responsibility to meet these requirements.

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