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Redondo Beach CA Chiropractor, Dr. Frank E. Kaden, Offers Metabolic Weightloss Solutions

Press release December 5, 2014 Redondo Beach Chiropractor

Kaden Chiropractic offers a safe and natural hormonal solution to obesity. Patients are enabled to lose weight quickly and keep it off.

Hermosa Beach CA, 05-DECEMBER-2014 - Kaden Chiropractic and Dr. Frank E Kaden D. C. Are pleased to announce that the clinic offers proven weight loss solutions which work in a unique way for all types of weight loss needs. Whether the user wants to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds, the adjustment in the metabolism is the key element in losing weight. According to the Redondo Beach Chiropractor, there is a way to maintain muscle while losing fat at the same time.

The hormone production of adults decreases year after year once an individual reaches age thirty. By age fifty, the hormone production will be less than half of the levels in the prime of life. The program offered by Dr. Kaden and his professional staff is effective in maintaining muscle tone, a crucial element in any weight loss program. In fact, the doctor says that most diets are unsuccessful because people lose muscle. Muscles are necessary to speed the metabolism.

The diet consists of a proprietary blend of drops that melt the fat away. They are not available elsewhere and they work. Another element in the weight loss program helps to hydrate the entire system. Patients are able to incorporate this item into the program immediately.

Addressing the toxins in the system is another important part of weight loss. Even those who are vegans and only eat vegetables and fruits can be subject to the toxins in water, air and products put on the skin. The targeted weight loss program assists in every aspect of eliminating weight while at the same time getting rid of the toxins. Weight loss program users can lose as much as a pound per day.

Learn more about effective weight loss programs by paying a visit to the web pages here at today. Members of the press and individuals who have additional questions about the information in this press release are invited to contact Dr. Frank Kaden at the location provided below.

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