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Press release February 2, 2010 PR

While the likes of Google will index "Link Pages" how effective are they for your Search Engine Rankings and Page Rankings?

The answer is not a whole lot if it's not relevant to a search term. So what is relevance and how do you get it.

Graham Briar, says; ‘Search engines, especially Google are refining their algorithms to provide better results for its customers and to do this they look at matching your link to the content of the linked page and the content of your website. So simply having a link on another website is no longer enough to bolster your rankings.  Simply having a link on a websites Link Page is also a poor preformer of actually driving traffic to your website.” provides a new system whereby it will only place links on relevant pages throughout its website. For instance, an article on Buying Property in Mexico can provide links for Mexican Estate Agents. When a search engine picks up the page it can match the page content with the link and therefore provide a better ranking as it clearly has better information.

Relevant Links in relevant places and with relevant content is the key; Graham Briar states; "Our website is dedicated to property and covers a huge amount of content, from Guides and Articles to Property Listings, so anyone wishing to exchange a link must fit into our content. It's a great way for us to build our public awareness and an excellent way for our link partners to really benefit from their links. Apart from bolstering search engine placement our link partners benefit from having a link in a relevant area that actually helps increase their traffic from us. It's simply a better system that benefits us and our link partners."

We provide full information on our new system on our website under the Advertising - Link Exchange section. – The Property Social Network