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Real Estate Industry Gets a Boost with Free Social Content Marketing

Press release February 26, 2010 Business

In times when the real estate markets are suffering, due to the global economic woes, more real estate businesses are looking at ways in which to increase sales without having to dip into the marketing budget.

Blogging and Social Networking has become a way of achieving this goal.  However, anyone who uses Blogs will know that marketing within an article is highly restrictive. 

With that’s all changing, its founder says; “Our goal is to create the largest Property Social Network available, providing unparallel information for our site visitors.  In return, to those who contribute content material, we allow the promotion of websites, products and or services within each guide or article that is provided”.

Content within the site is provided with eight categories – General Property Information, Living and Buying Property Abroad, Buying Property, Selling Property, Self Builders, Eco-Friendly Property, Do It Yourself and Gardening.

The property social network also provides other free marketing opportunities, including Real Estate Agents listing and Property listings, which are open to both Homeowners and Commercial Operations.

Graham Briar, founder explains; “It’s a about creating a useful property resource center for all, private and commercial.  The idea is to provide a way in which people can connect with a specific subject matter that benefits not only the site visitor but those providing content.” – The Property Social Network