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Raleigh Chiropractor, Dr. Mark Jensen, Provides Safe Solutions For Pain Relief

Press release November 29, 2014 Raleigh Chiropractic

Corrective Chiropractic ( provides details about pain relief techniques which are safe and effective. Patients are encouraged to turn to a lifestyle which offers quality living free of pain.

Raleigh, NC, 12-NOVEMBER-2014 - Corrective Chiropractic and Raleigh chiropractor, Dr. Mark Jensen DC, are pleased to announce that the techniques offered by chiropractors are effective in relieving pain. These methods do not mask pain, they go to the source and eliminate it. Typical sources of pain arise from misalignments or subluxations in the spinal column. The Raleigh Chiropractic professional has the knowledge and experience to identify the exact location and implement techniques to relieve the pain.

When the spinal column is not aligned correctly, the vertebrae can press on spinal discs unevenly, causing them to bulge into surrounding tissue. The sidewalls of the disc may even tear, or herniate, causing the interior gel-like substance to leak into surrounding tissue. The environment around the ruptured or bulging disc is compromised and soft tissue in the area becomes irritated.

The nerve roots in the area may have lost the ability to transmit electrical signals easily. This is interpreted by the brain as pain. Related symptoms are weakness and pain in the extremities or the head. Dr. Jensen identifies the damaged area through a physical examination and digital imaging studies. From this information, a plan can be designed to alleviate the symptoms in a proactive manner.

Pharmaceuticals are not used by chiropractors, since they can actually interfere with the body's ability to self-heal. No invasive techniques are utilized. Instead, the techniques are applied to provide the body with the tools and nutrients it needs to heal itself. The doctor may use spinal adjustment, massage, posture correction and other methods to alleviate the pain quickly and safely.

Learn more about chiropractic methods for pain relief by paying a visit to the web pages at now. Members of the press and those who have additional questions about the information in this press notice are encouraged to contact the Raleigh chiropractic office at the location described below.

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