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Press release May 9, 2010

Could being a better lover make you a better politician? Gordon Brown take note....

Sarita budhha

The political future of the UK may be hanging in the balance right now, but the party leaders could be just as well-served taking time off for a night of pleasure with their wives as spending hours at the debating table.

According to Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita (left), the creative force behind the School of Awakening, a fully rounded and successful politician needs to be as powerful in the bedroom as the boardroom.

She says: “Imagine a politician who was able to offer his beloved a night of multi orgasmic union, and was then able to give a speech to the nation on the necessity of caring for the earth as we would care for our own mother. Imagine a politician who was in touch with his vulnerable inner child, while at the same time able to remain rooted in consciousness, nourished by deep meditation. He is both strong, and vulnerable, and this is what makes him eminently attractive. He has learned the art of loving a woman and this has ignited the desire to love and care for his country.”

If we are to truly change our world and not just keep swapping one colour of party for another, we need politicians who will embrace their caring, vulnerable side, as well as their power and force – and let that run throughout their entire lives, not just as a vote winning tactic, so says Sarita. And by doing that, truly respect the feminine in all its forms – whether politicians are men or women.

One of Sarita’s passions, and one of the key principles of the Tantra she teaches, is the return of men and women to their true natures – complementary, but not the same. And that this is not just a disembodied spiritual truth, but one that could run throughout the whole of society, transforming the world in which we live.

Sarita says: “You find a magical alchemy happens when you bring opposites together, that is where the Tantra experience really lies. And this particular alchemy is the magic that makes life blissful, ecstatic, wonderful. We need to spread this quality as much as possible in the world. It will change the nature of governments, it will change the nature of business, it will change the nature of the family.”

For more on how the world can be radically altered through men and women being honoured as complementary opposites, see Sarita’s blog:


To find out more or arrange an interview with Sarita, contact Malika Premdevi on 07790 330 531 or email:[email protected]. To find out more about the School of Awakening, see:



  • The School of Awakening, co-founded byMahasatvaa Ma Ananda Saritaand now directed by her and Supragya Bartlam, has been running groups and trainings since 2000. It was created in order to offer people high quality, multi dimensional personal development in one educational oasis. Its trademark is quality, a high standard of professionalism, love and respect for each person who comes to it. It is a continually evolving educational resource, embracing and offering new cutting edge tools and processes on a regular basis, as well as being deeply immersed in sacred wisdom traditions from the past. Its aim is the awakening of all beings to love, consciousness and bliss.
  • Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita has been on the spiritual path for 37 years, including 26 years at the ashram of enlightened mystic Osho. She has been teaching Tantra and holistic healing for 20 years, and is trained in Colour Light Therapy, Tachyon healing, Ayurvedic massage, Hypnosis for Healing, Ito Thermie and Angelic Reiki. She is the author of two books – “Divine Sexuality” and “Tantric Love” and has recorded several meditation CDs. She travels the world teaching Tantra, meditation, healing and Aisho “Radiant Love” retreats with enlightened master Uezu-San, and released her first online video Tantra course in March this year.