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Professional English Courses offered by English Courses Pro (London) in London, UK!

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Improving English starts at English Courses Pro (London)

Attend a course at English Courses Pro (London) and rest assured that one’s English will improve within no time. All the English Courses such as Business English Course offered are well designed and of superior quality and imparted by friendly and qualified teachers. One can find the English courses suitable for their requirements at English Courses Pro (London) today.

Well Structured English Courses and Teachers

Being one of the most reputable agencies in the UK, English Courses Pro (London) ( is having some of the most experienced and talented teachers one will find in any English school. The agency also has a team of well trained support staff who are ever ready to offer their services 24/7.

The teaching imparted at the aforesaid agency does not stop with just class room teaching. The center takes enormous effort and a lot of opportunities to practice English outside the class room and interact with speakers of other languages from other countries. Thinking of pursuing English Courses such as Business English Course London, then English Courses Pro (London) is the best place to be!

Signup for any one of the varied courses namely beginner to advanced, plus intensive reading, Business English Course London, intensive reading and othersStudents are required to take end-of-term exams for all levels of English Courses.

Reading and Listening English Courses

The regular English Courses offered by English Courses Pro (London) includes intensive reading, writing and listening aspects. Students can enroll for such English Courses in London to improve their communication skills within a short span of time. The English Courses( generally include reading skills, listening comprehension skills, reading skills and others. Students who clear the end of term examinations can proceed to the higher levels of learning. The end of term examinations consists of both oral and written rounds. The oral exam is an interview between a student and an external examiner.

In addition to regular English Courses in London, several specialized English Courses are offered by the agency as per the need and interest level of students. These courses may be in the form of:

  • Listening and Speaking
  • English through media
  • Grammar Revision
  • Advanced listening strategies
  • Pronunciation Skills

Business English Course London          

Come and join English Courses Pro (London) for a Business English Course that one can never forget. The center offers specialized Business English Course London to offer something extra to the business professionals.

General Business English

Learn to make presentations in English, participate and negotiate in meetings by signing up for the general Business English program offered by English Courses Pro (London).

Specialist Business English

One can sign up for the specialist Business English Course that involves one to one lessons. This type ofBusiness English Course London is a fine blend of individual as well as specialist Business English course that helps meet the demand of the customer’s specific job. One could alternatively take a one to oneEnglish Courses full time to focus on their specific needs fully.

Professional business people can enjoy the professional environment available at the aforesaid agency. The spacious class rooms and cultural mix of students helps to enjoy their studies while meeting new people in London.  English Courses Pro (London) serves as a 'home from home' which means everyone will be ready to learn and at the same time feel comfortable.

Different Types of Business English Courses

The two types of Business English courses offered by the agency include:

The Combination Business English Course combines both individual and group sessions. The best advantage of enrolling for this course is that one can enjoy both one to one coaching as well as the dynamics of a group session to follow a more general Business English Course.

Looking for an intensive full time program, then the Business English Group Course is here to help their customers. This includes group lessons in the noon and Professional English coaching in the mornings.

 English Courses Pro (London) is all set to welcome a friendly and personal English language learning environment. If one is looking for something more advanced, then enroll for the Certificate of Business English Course ( offers English with Business electives. Enter the workplace with full confidence in the language by undertaking this English Courses. The salient features of Business English Course London include:

  • Extra focus on all modes of communication namely spoken language, writing and reading. This enables to focus or face any situation with ease in business environment.
  •  Improve prospects in the job market by getting certified in Business English from English Courses Pro (London). This type of English Courses in London can open new doors for better career prospects by improving business dealings and making global communication easier.
  • One should write an entrance test initially. Then they can be placed in a class with other students of their level.
  • The Business English Course, just like other courses is flexible and can be completed from two to twelve weeks of time.

 To know more about the test please visit:

Who is eligible for Business English Course?

The Business English course London has been mainly designed for business professionals who are looking to advance their social and business English skills rapidly, effectively and efficiently. The course can be taken up on a one to one basis or group session depending on the student’s preference and time availability.

Included in English Courses

  • Complete English level assessment and report
  • Materials needed for the Business English Course
  • Access to learning websites and platforms
  • Copies of relevant software’s
  •  Certificate of Achievement on successfully completing the course

This certification prepares one for career advancement or enhancement so that they can realize their dreams easily. One can receive feedbacks about their progress from professionals and ESL instructors which helps in developing communication skills quickly. One can improve their fluency in grammar, writing and reading which in turn can boosts confidence to a great extent. Taking a Business English Course London certification from English Courses Pro (London) helps to write and speak English effectively and make an impact in the market place.

Certificate Benefits

  • The trainees can improve their language on the job
  • Flexible learning possible
  • Make an impact on employer by showing commitment to personal growth and professional development
  • Demonstrate capabilities and weaknesses
  •  Communicate more appropriately for a business environment
  • Better interaction possible with clients, colleagues and superiors

The Business English Course London is mostly geared towards professionals and executives having intermediate, advanced or basic level skills in English. Succeed in today’s business world by advancing competency in this universal language by registering for this type of English Courses in London today.

Taught by qualified and certified professionals, the English Courses in London offered by English Courses Pro (London) can be designed for a single person or batch of students based on their specific needs. Based on every participant's everyday language needs the content of these English Courses in Londonare tailored in accordance with the job-specific vocabulary and language needs of students and others. The main focus of the center in imparting Business English Course training is to enable students to work effectively by enhancing their entire range of communication skills. The Business English Course covers aspects such as:

 Oral Communication

  • Accent reduction
  • English Vocabulary
  • Presentation Skills

The center offers flexible hours for English Courses in London or Business English Course London in such a way so as to fit into the busy schedule of a student.  English Courses Pro (London) understands job specific needs and guides their trainees on the path to success easily within a short span of time:

  • Initially, a complete assessment of one’s skills would take place to understand their training needs and language style. Then the center offers a tailor made Business English course based on specific language needs.
  • Based on the trainee’s performance, a qualified trainer will be assigned to them. All the experts or staffs at English Courses Pro (London) are those having several years of experience in English language training and hold diplomas in teaching or MA/PhD degree. So rest assured of receiving training from an expert in the field!
  • One has the option of  choosing their location (home, workplace or training center) and English courses hours
  • Learn English from trained and certified professionals who can adjust the pace of the trainee’s learning after monitoring their progress.

The Center is committed to their trainee’s success! The center has helped tens of thousands of executives and professionals with their language training needs. Get in touch with English Courses Pro (London) today to get a superior quality Business English course designed for employees! Whether one is looking for generalEnglish Courses in London or specialized courses, they can rely on English Courses Pro (London) to deliver flawlessly. Students can assimilate themselves in a professional working environment by taking Business English Course or classes that can sharpen their listening and speaking skills easily. Students can practice their language skills in meetings, internships, interviews, presentations and other areas by concentrating on one topic every week.

Business English Course for Professionals

The experts at English Courses Pro (London) can complement the Business English Course with other aspects that would focus on etiquette, presentations, meetings and business culture for professionals looking to enhance their English language skills for the workplace. This type of English Courses will be a blend of private classes in the noon and intensive English instruction in the morning. The center is also ready to provide ample advice, tools and networking opportunities for self study and lifelong learning in order to help students to enhance their skills beyond the classroom.

The agency also offers courses for exam preparation such as for TOEFL and others. This type of English Courses will include:

  • Vocabulary and grammar review
  • Comprehensive overview of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills
  • Intensive test-taking strategies
  • Pre and post diagnostic, full length TOEFL simulation tests that can enable students to identify their weaknesses and strengths and try for improvement in each section.

Start preparing by taking the help of experienced instructors at English Courses Pro (London) today! Trainee’s can also take the help of the experts at the centre to improve their familiarity with American business culture and professional English language skills. Enjoy the nice classroom experience offered by the aforesaid agency. Also one can enjoy a whole new experience of coming to London and studying English at a reliable and reputable agency such as English Courses Pro (London). To know more about the wide range of courses offered by the agency, send an email or contact English Courses Pro (London) today.

 English Courses Pro (London) welcomes all to join the English Courses in London of their choice. The center is committed in giving a unique and extraordinary learning experience with best results. Whether a student, housewife or a professional, who wants to learn English, can rely on this agency to make them speak fluent English in order to make an impression on everyone! Choose from an array of English courses such as Basic English, Business English Course, Advanced English Course, Intensive English Course, summer and part time ( The basic level course is for those who have very little knowledge or no knowledge of English. Once completing the basic level course, they can take up the advanced courses. One can also participate in classroom discussions, write small essays and paragraph writing once they complete the basic level course. Vocabulary and conversational skills can also be improved to a great extent by taking such English Courses in London.

What a better way to learn English than in an English speaking country? Like any language, the best way to improve English is to talk to native speakers. Studying in London, UK enables to develop skills in this language each and every day. Whatever be the present level of English of a trainee, he/she can choose a course to advance their skills further at English Courses Pro (London). To know more about the different types ofEnglish Courses on offer and the fees, contact the agency today!

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