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PPI claims on the rise

Press release March 30, 2012 Economy

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The Financial Ombudsman Service has settled around 115,000 cases in the last 12 months, but received a further 140,000 new cases in that time. This rise in PPI claims is due to the increase in awareness of the scandal and the public are becoming more aware of what leading companies have been achieving without public knowledge. Although banks, who are the main culprits, have stopped the scandal the number of people who have still not claimed what is rightfully theirs, is still considerably high.

The PPI scandal was discovered early last year and the British public have since come out in force to claim back money that is owed. The banks have recognised this problem needs to be addressed, so have set aside £9billion to deal with customer complaints.

It was once the case that banks looked after their customers and focused on what mattered to them but with increasing targets, profits and share price this emphasis lessened and the scandals came to light.

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