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Post-Sickness Rehabilitation

Press release October 15, 2012 Health

Tim Hayes Fitness Calls for Increased Proactivity

One of the main reasons thousands of UK citizens allow their gym memberships to lapse and fall entirely ‘off the wagon’ is that of facing a period of illness or injury and waiting until they return to health. After all, going back to the gym without a clean bill of health would be an unwise move in anybody’s book, which in turn leaves little option other than to ride it out at home, right?

Not according to Tim Hayes Fitness, where an elite team of Personal Trainer in London flies the flag for proactive rehabilitation following illness or injury.

Everybody knows that a strong and healthy body will always fight off any the ill-effects of affliction faster than one in less-ideal condition. However, the overwhelming majority will, when facing a period of illness or injury, confine themselves to their beds or settees with little intention of getting motivated again until what ails them has passed naturally.

Tim Hayes Fitnessargues that this is precisely what is preventing thousands from making a swifter and fuller recovery.

One of the many services the elite Personal Fitness Instructor in London offers is that of being able to evaluate the needs and current situation of an injured or recovering client, so as to devise the ideal exercise plan to boost their recovery exponentially. Of course, the nature or said exercises will vary considerably depending on the circumstances, but there are very few instances where a person’s recovery cannot be sped up exponentially with a little proactive exercise under professional guidance.

Whether this involves making the journey to a London personal trainingcentre or organising home-calls really doesn’t matter – all that matters is taking the initiative to make a fully recovery faster and more fully than would ever have been possible otherwise.

Of course, it can be difficult for sick or injured parties to motivate themselves to make the call, which is why leading personal training groups are always happy to hear from friends and family members looking to book an appointment or a visit.

Mother nature is truly miraculous and the human body is a marvel, but this isn’t to say that both cannot be given a huge shot in the arm from time to time by the professionals at