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Portfolio Credit Control offers Credit Manager recruitment advice

Press release August 28, 2012 Business

Portfolio Credit Control helps employers to find a credit manager with an up-to-date knowledge of industry issues and legislation.

For employers looking to hire a Credit Manager, Portfolio Credit Control offers recruitment advice to help you pinpoint the most suitable candidate amongst your applicants. As workers should have an up-to-date knowledge of the industry, it is important to test whether interviewees have a good understanding of the latest regulations and credit control news.

When recruiting for credit control vacancies, a good starter topic to include in job interviews is the current problems facing landlords. This has been of great interest in the credit control industry due to the difficulties caused by new housing allowance cuts. The new regulations state that a tenant on housing benefits must be aged 35 or over if they are to qualify for more than a single bedroom in a shared house. Also, while the maximum housing benefits allowed was once 50 percent, this now stands at 30 percent.

The cutbacks in housing benefits are likely to result in the level of household debt increasing. As people have additional outgoings due to reduced government support, people may fall into debt in order to maintain a decent standard of living. It is also feared that landlords will face problems as the cuts will make it difficult to rent properties to those on benefits.

Over the first three months of 2012, the average household debt for homeowners has also increased twice, which is set to grow further in light of recent housing benefits cuts. Stats from March 2012 have shown that 314 people are declared bankrupt every day and that one property is repossessed every 15.5 minutes.

Candidates for Credit Manager jobs should be able to make the connection between housing benefits and the increasing household debt, demonstrating their knowledge of how the credit control sector is affected by changes and cuts made in other industries.


About Portfolio Credit Control:

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