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Popular Penny Auction Website Reaches UK

Press release July 2, 2008

Concept Which Has Captivated Europe Starts in UK

Penny auctioncompany starts on Saturday 5th of July in UK. From their pages you could buy popular brand new items with  prices starting from £0,01.

Penny auction means that bids that are made by raising the prices of the items only with one penny at a time and that's why you could buy the items from site with unbelivable low prices.

Not like the other similar auction sites in Europe, Click4bid allows only UK residentsto take a part to this auction. With this system Click4bid Ltd can ensure that their prices are always much more cheaper than the most of the auction sites around Europe.

So, if you want to have a new tv, an ipod or a travel gift card with only few pence it might be worth to go to website

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