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Please Save The Date!

Press release January 10, 2013 Lifestyle

Or Should You?

The emerging Save the Date notices, that couples have started to send to their families and friends as informal, non-RSVP wedding notifications, have become a big hit both in the USA and here in the UK. They include very brief and simple details such as the couple’s name, the date of the wedding and the venue.

They are not necessarily invitations, but more notices that you will be having a wedding and the date is fixed, and the guest who receives the Save the Date should expect an invitation in the future. Typically, they are sent between 12 and six months before the wedding takes place.

Save the Date’s don’t have a traditional form of being given to their recipients, unless of course you count word of mouth as a way of telling people to save the date! Modern ways of telling future invitees that you have announced a date is by making or buying small keepsakes, such as fridge magnets, coasters, personalised cards or small and inexpensive trinkets or ornaments that are matching to the colours and themes of the wedding.

Save The Date

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In this ever changing digital age, couples have been getting much more creative when giving people their Save the Dates. Youtube: Landon and Kristen, for example, created a video to tell everyone. Take a look at the video to see how they did it!

Sending a video like this to all your guests’ email addresses can be a much more interesting, fun and cheaper way of telling everyone. You don’t have to put a video into an email, a simple picture of you both to make the message a bit more personal will do.

Of course, Save the Dates can be used for any number of things, ranging from personal to corporate events, but they have most commonly been for wedding announcements.

Are they a good idea?

However, some couples see Save the Dates as an unwelcome, avoidable and unnecessary expense that just adds another item to their wedding checklist

. Rather than sending a Save the Date, and then a wedding invitation, you could just send an invitation to which people respond with their availability.

It could effectively halve the cost of notifying and inviting your guests to the wedding if you decide only to go with an invitation, rather than an invitation and a Save the Date. Besides, your nearest and dearest family and friends don’t need reminding to Save the Date, as they will be there regardless of when and where it is!

They are fairly new concepts, so they aren’t a traditional necessity for the white wedding purists, but they are wholly a case of personal preference – much like most, if not all, elements of your wedding!