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Planters for indoor and outdoor use added to Easyplants

Press release February 20, 2010 Homes & Gardens

Easyplants UK supplier of artificial plants and garden accessories has introduced a new range of contemporary all weather plant pots to it online collection at

Easyplants has introduced a new online collection of contemporary all weather plant pots. These planters are manufactured in high quality fibreglass making them very light weight and durable, perfect for courier delivery to our clients.

All contemporary planters are available in a variety of styles, including Tall Cylindrical, round, and tapered square. Colours available are either High Gloss black or High gloss silver with Lacquered finishes.

The planters have been manufactured as an all weather planter making them suitable for both indoors and our door use.

Peter Drinkell managing director explains, “Over the past 12 months we had hundred of enquiries for plant pots to go with purchase’s of our artificial trees and plants, which we could not fulfil.  We needed to find a manufacturer of plant pots that could produce fantastic looking planters that where durable enough to travel via courier across the UK and Europe. Fibreglass was the answer to all our problems, we travelled to the Far East and sourced the sort the contemporary planters which we where looking for.”

Peter continues, “We chose a variety of designs and colours for which we where constantly asked for, including tapered square, round planters and cylindrical shaped. We chose 2 colours to cover all our collection, a high gloss black and a high gloss silver with a lacquered finish. We have an extensive range of tree and plant products that are suitable for outdoors as well, so the final issue to address was a multipurpose plant pot, which was suitable for both indoor and out door use and the fibreglass plant pot will address this issue.

We now believe we have the perfect plant pots to compliment our range of artificial trees and plants at We have solved the many issues with selling Plants pots online; including the problematic breakages associated with courier delivery and the costly weight issues, “concludes Peter.


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