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Pharma IQ, a Worldwide Leader in Pharmaceutical Conferences and Seminars, Launches the New “Global Discovery Outsourcing & Collaborations Forum 2010”

Press release June 3, 2010 Medical

Pharma IQ is proud to announce the upcoming Global Discovery Outsourcing and Collaborations Forum taking place on 20th – 21st October 2010

With an estimated 25% of R&D budgets now being spent on externalisation, it is crucial to develop strategic and effective business models and to determine how best to outsource the different processes of drug discovery and this is why the Global Discovery Outsourcing & Collaborations Form will play host to key figures in the pharma and bio industry.

With the involvement of 17 leading experts including Lubor Gaal, Head of Europe, Strategic Transactions Group, Bristol Myers-Squibb, Dr Iain Comley, Associate Director, Science & Technology Alliances,AstraZeneca and Dr Catherine Tralau, Head of Drug Discovery Facility& Pharmacology, Imperial College London,the Global Discovery Outsourcing and Collaborations Forum will offer the opportunity to discover new approaches to forming drug discovery partnerships and collaborating with a range of different organisations that will result in more efficient and cost-effective discovery.

The event will also promote growth and innovation through implementing a virtual Pharma model with case studies from Sophie Hallakou-Bozec, Research Director and Cofounder, Poxel, Dr Stephen Shuttleworth, CSO, Karus Therapeutics.

For a full overview of the topics that will be discussed during the forum, the full list of speakers, information about the pre-conference workshops and free online resources please visit    


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