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Press release April 12, 2012 Lifestyle

Getting rid of those garden pests

Pests in the garden can be a major problem to any home-owner, and knowing how to eradicate them can be a long and daunting process. However, there are a number of simple ways to keep pests under control. Whether its birds, cats & dogs, foxes, rabbits, squirrels, insects, mice, rats, moles or slugs and snails there's a range of products out there to help fight them off.


Birds are beautiful animals and can be interesting to watch, however too many of them or the wrong type can have a detrimental effect on your garden or vegetables. Defenders Bird Repeller Ribbon flashes and reflects light in a harmless manner to repel birds and other nuisance animals such as deer. Other products that are available on the market include fake birds of prey such as Falcon or owl, perfect for your vulnerable garden areas.

Cats and Dogs

Cats and dogs can ruin gardens if left to run wild, so protecting your garden can be made easy with products such as Defenders Mega-sonic Scatter-cat, this product simple repels cats, dogs, squirrels and other animals without harm and can deter animals from up to 20 meters away. For a fixed, permanent solution try using a Protector Pest stop ultrasonic cat scarer that uses pre-set frequencies to deter cats from your garden and can detect movement to a distance of 40ft away.

Having that returning fox, rabbit or squirrel visitng your garden can get annoying, especially if they continue to cause damage or disturbance. To simply catch the animal in a humane way is easy with a Large Wildlife trap. Simply place the bait in the removable bait holder and sit back and relax. Once caught the double carrier handles come in handy when relocating the animal. Other options include Vitax Sent Off Animal Repellent Gel that does exactly what it says in the box, this product is developed to discourage pets from fouling and staining lawns, paths and driveways. It works by confusing the animal’s sense of taste and smell and it's also safe to use in areas where children play.


There are a huge variety of tools to use when eradicating those unwanted insects. From Buzz honeypot wasp trap to woodlice and earwig killer powder, you can be sure to have your home and garden to yourself, free from those creepy crawlies.

Moles and Mice

Moles, mice and rats cause huge problems in the UK gardens, people may think they have to call in experts to deal with the problem, however, doing it yourself has never been easier with the wide range of products on the market. Ready to use mouse killer stations and rat killer stations are the best and safest solution. Pre-baited, child and pet friendly traps, ensure you resolve the rodent problem easily and safely. Moles can be more difficult to deal with, but it has never been easier with a solar powered mole repeller. This advanced product uses solar energy to power its sonic repeller and in turn drives moles away.

Slugs and Snails

Slugs and snails are one of the most hated pests in a garden and can diminish your plants which you grow. With a Deluxe slug and snail trap you will be sure to see the end of them. Designed for ease of use, simply place the trap in the garden fill it up with purpose designed attractant or beer and be sure to see the back of them.

Getting rid of those unwanted guests does not have to be difficult or cost the earth. Next time you need a bit of assistance getting rid of those pests, look no further than Ironmongery Online.