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Personal trainer qualifications in Edinburgh

Press release March 10, 2010 Health

The Fitness Education Academy offers work based qualification NVQ Instructing Physical Activity and Exercise level 3.

For those who are thinking of becoming a personal trainer or those who already working in the industry the question is often asked ‘how do I become a successful personal trainer?’ The Fitness Education Academy provides advice to those who are looking for advice regarding this. 

Annalisa Torrance, the Director of The Fitness Education Academy, explains, “Firstly, to become a successful personal trainer the right qualification should be achieved.  The Fitness Education Academy offers a work-based qualification that is a Central YMCA Qualification called NVQ Instructing Physical Activity and Exercise level 3, this qualifies the instructor to plan and teach advanced training methods to clients.  They then have an option to complete additional units, which qualifies them to deliver personal training and provide nutrition and weight management advice. 

Our advice to potential personal trainers is to complete these additional units prior to providing personal training advice to clients.  Personal trainers should have the knowledge to provide further advice to clients and plan sessions out with the gym environment also.  It is also imperative that they are qualified in carrying out fitness tests so they can provide the best service to their clients.

For more information on qualifications available please contact The Fitness Education Academy on 07763 892210 or visit our web site at,” Annalisa concludes.