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Press release October 27, 2009 Business

U-CLOCK launches a simple, cost effective way to monitor and manage remote employees anywhere in the UK


Bolton, Lancs 28th  October 2009

New northwest start up company U-CLOCKhas announced the launch of a highly innovative new product utilising 21st Century technology to enable companies to efficiently manage their remote workforce.

Due to the simple yet highly effective nature of the product, U-CLOCK is expecting a great deal of interest from SMEs throughout the UK.

At present, many companies find managing and monitoring their remote employees to be difficult, stressful and time-consuming resulting in unnecessary expenditure and reduced profits. With U-CLOCK, all this is expected to be a thing of the past thanks to the system’s simple, yet unique remote time keeping system that enables employers to make significant savings in return for a very modest outlay.

U-CLOCK (pictured above) is a simple digital box with a self-adhesive backing that can easily be installed at remote working sites. Employees record when they

‘clock on’ and ‘clock off’ via a simple, free text message. No bigger than a large bar of chocolate, U-CLOCK records details of a company’s employees clocking on and off via an internet-based administration system, allowing head office to manage and monitor their workforce in real time.


U-CLOCK’s Business Development Manager Keith Malone, is excited by what he sees as a real breakthrough in remote working practices. “U-CLOCK is a unique system for monitoring and managing a remote workforce. It genuinely makes life easier for firms involved in the construction industry, the cleaning industry and the security sectors. It’s also ideal for retail organisations who have staff in a number of outlets in various locations”, he said.

The benefits of U-CLOCK are significant. As well as substantial cost savings, the system facilitates accurate recording of working hours, and increases both productivity and administrative efficiency.

Field trials of U-CLOCK have already proved successful. Bolton-based Advanced Ventilation Limited, one of the UK’s leading ventilation installers, are delighted with the results. Dave Edwards, a senior engineer at the company said: “The U-CLOCK system is simple to use. It makes the boss realise just how punctual I am, and gives me an easy way of keeping in touch wherever I may be working that day”, he said.



Advanced Ventilation’s managerial staff are equally enthusiastic: “U-CLOCK is a superb man-management tool”, said Office Manager, Jade McCann. “The benefits are significant – cost savings, time savings, reduced stress, more efficient payroll management…it ticks quite a few boxes on Health & Safety too”, she said.

The U-CLOCK remote timekeeping system is due to be rolled out across the UK this week. Business Development Manager, Keith Malone is genuinely enthusiastic: “One of the great things about U-CLOCK is that it represents such good value that it pays for itself straightaway. I’ve never been so excited by a new product”, he said.

Further information about the U-CLOCK Remote Management System can be found at